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Introducing Our Different Styles Of Yoga Classes

Written by Emily

“The very heart of yoga practice is abhyasa- steady effort in the direction you want to go.” – Sally Kepton

No matter the direction you wish to go here at ASTRO.GONG.YOGA we have a few different styles of yoga to help you navigate getting there, this includes Vinyasa, Yin and Kundalini.  We strive to give a well rounded curriculum of yoga classes for all levels of experience and ways of tapping into the different energetic bodies. 

Below you can find a summary and the core practice of each style of yoga we provide:

Vinyāsa ~ Link your sacred breath to movement, while mindfully building heat in your body.  This class will give sweat, peace, and rest.  Yogīs/Yoginīs of all levels are encouraged to practice with us.

Yin ~ Release tension of the fascia while stimulating your subtle body energy channels.  This class will allow for gravity to do the work while tapping into your breath.

Kuṇḍalinī ~using ancient technology we will activate innate śaktī energy by way of stimulating the endocrine system and subtle body centers.  Love breathwork?  This class will give you a healthy dose of oxygen.

Gong Immersions ~ we exist in a Universe built on vibrations called nāda. Come bath in the sounds of the cosmos and allow your body to heal on a cellular level. Our Mindful Gong & Yoga classes and A Sound Journey To classes both include the Gong.

All of our Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga classes plus Gong Immersions happen on our rooftop where our Covid-19 protocols are in place including but not limited to temperature checks, 8ft spacing between yoga mats, sanitization stations, and disinfecting of all high touch surfaces.

Everyone is required to bring their own yoga mat and a warm relaxation blanket (it can get cold after dark.) There is also free parking on the 2nd level of the building accessible via the rear of the building.

Our Yin yoga classes can be experienced in-person on the rooftop every Wednesday or Virtually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

You can book here or by calling the studio (323) 433-7108.