About us

ASTRO.GONG.YOGA is a sound healing and yoga studio with an astrology-informed approach. Through multiple styles of yoga classes, gong immersions and astrology workshops, we offer you the best holistic experiences, designed to sustainably rejuvenate and rebalance your mind, body and spirit. The center has a large yoga studio, a sound healing room with 36 gongs, a communal space including a beautiful lounge area decorated with a gallery supporting local artists, and a bazaar with ethically sourced wellness products and on trend apparel.

Astro Gong Yoga Art Gallery

Astro Philosophy

Our philosophy is to help everyone understand their birth chart.

We offer a range of astrology readings and workshops, for all levels, aiming to provide the tools and insights to discover ourselves and explain the mysteries of life.

Astro Gong Yoga Gong Studio

Gong Philosophy

Our philosophy is to help everyone experience the benefits of the Gong’s healing energy.

We offer gong baths, sound healing classes and in-depth training, for all levels, designed to connect you with the gongs sacred vibrations and redress your frequencies. 

Astro Gong Yoga Studio

Yoga Philosophy

Our philosophy is to help everyone discover the yoga style most suitable for their individual needs.

We offer Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Kundalini yoga that explore a multiple of possibilities within yourself to help find clarity and purpose.

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky”

– Rumi 

Meet the founders

Emily and Lou share the vision of building an authentic and inclusive community that revolves around yogic philosophy, sacred sound and occult wisdom.


Emily’s background in fitness photography and personal training informed her understanding about the human body but also made her deeply aware that each person is infinitely more than their body. An instinctive and passionate  yoga teacher, Emily infuses the science of Kundalini yoga with astrology to help you connect with, learn from and exude the universal energies.


Lou is an experienced Gong Master, who has led numerous sound healing workshops and events around the world. Lou, with his natural gift of channeling the sacred sounds, guides his students through a gentle and transformational experience that has deep and long-lasting relaxing effects.

Meet the team

Our highly qualified and talented team share an ethos for excellence.


A Tokyo and California-based astrologer, John performs readings and writes astrology pieces for publications around the world. He uses astrology not to map out destiny, but to understand the self and find strategies to living a fuller, more abundant life.


Brian, a Divinatory Seer and Spinal Energetics Practitioner, uses Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology to understand our world. He explores the synergy between energy and matter to enhance insight into the energetic realm, aiming to provide clarity and reassurance on one's soul journey.


Shaun’s M.A. in Yoga Studies has allowed her to create inclusive, authentic, and rich classes that use ancient and classical yogic texts to support the many practices offered.  Through imagination and breath, Shaun offers a well-rounded class to many populations that is freeing, creative, and warm.


Tianna encourages her students to find their balance on their mat through strength and fluidity, so they can find their balance in life. She is often high in energy and creates an open space to explore. She believes in play that leads to exploration and exploration that leads to growth. 


Sam focuses her classes on functional movement, incorporating dynamic poses and deep stretches into every flow while remaining true to traditional yogic principles of breathwork and meditation. Her goal is for students to leave her class feeling energized and lighter in their bodies.


Johnny, a lifelong martial arts student, shares his yoga passion with fellow yogis and athletes. He believes in a holistic approach to fitness, integrating body and mind. Through an intuitive approach to movement, Johnny is dedicated to helping students find their "flow state" and become their best selves.


Shan's yoga journey started in Hawaii at 17, introducing her to the sattvic life. This inspired her to become a teacher, focusing on more than just asanas, integrating dharma talks and intention setting. She aims to inspire others and build a mindful community centered on yoga's deeper principles.


Meghan Lastra, a 1000-hour certified Hatha yoga teacher, specializes in stillness-focused practices. Her inclusive classes prioritize breath and alignment for all levels, inspiring mindful flows and a deep connection with each pose.


Sofia is a classically trained vocalist and 500hr RYT certified instructor. She has spent the last 10 years expanding her practice as a yoga and voice activation teacher.  Her yin classes are compiled of gentle mobility movements followed by a series of long held postures which center around the breath and mind body connection.


Grace, a former classroom teacher, incorporates Yin, Kundalini, and Bhakti teachings into her Baby & Me yoga classes. She creates a nurturing environment, guiding moms to connect with their inner wisdom and find peace amidst the chaos of life and motherhood. 


Nola, our vibrant West Adams-based 200hr CYT and Prenatal Instructor, brings 5 years of certified Birth Doula magic with DONA International. With a passion for empowering pregnant individuals, she infuses joy, inclusivity, and understanding into her yoga and birth work.