About us

ASTRO.GONG.YOGA is a sound healing and yoga studio with an astrology-informed approach. Through multiple styles of yoga classes, gong immersions and astrology workshops, we offer you the best holistic experiences, designed to sustainably rejuvenate and rebalance your mind, body and spirit. The center has a large yoga studio, a sound healing room with 36 gongs, a communal space including a beautiful lounge area decorated with a gallery supporting local artists, and a bazaar with ethically sourced wellness products and on trend apparel.

Astro Gong Yoga Art Gallery

Astro Philosophy

Our philosophy is to help everyone understand their birth chart.

We offer a range of astrology readings and workshops, for all levels, aiming to provide the tools and insights to discover ourselves and explain the mysteries of life.

Astro Gong Yoga Gong Studio

Gong Philosophy

Our philosophy is to help everyone experience the benefits of the Gong’s healing energy.

We offer gong baths, sound healing classes and in-depth training, for all levels, designed to connect you with the gongs sacred vibrations and redress your frequencies. 

Astro Gong Yoga Studio

Yoga Philosophy

Our philosophy is to help everyone discover the yoga style most suitable for their individual needs.

We offer Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Kundalini yoga that explore a multiple of possibilities within yourself to help find clarity and purpose.

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky”

– Rumi 

Meet the founders

Emily and Lou share the vision of building an authentic and inclusive community that revolves around yogic philosophy, sacred sound and occult wisdom.


Emily’s background in fitness photography and personal training informed her understanding about the human body but also made her deeply aware that each person is infinitely more than their body. An instinctive and passionate  yoga teacher, Emily infuses the science of Kundalini yoga with astrology to help you connect with, learn from and exude the universal energies.


Lou is an experienced Gong Master, who has led numerous sound healing workshops and events around the world. Lou, with his natural gift of channeling the sacred sounds, guides his students through a gentle and transformational experience that has deep and long-lasting relaxing effects.

Meet the team

Our highly qualified and talented team share an ethos for excellence.


A Tokyo and California-based astrologer, John performs readings and writes astrology pieces for publications around the world. He uses astrology not to map out destiny, but to understand the self and find strategies to living a fuller, more abundant life.

Dr. Palōmi

Dr. Palōmi Rānī Sheth is a spiritual guide, teacher and medicine woman, who uses systems like depth psychology, allopathic medicine and astrology to create a more meaningful and libersated journey for our lives.


Rachel has been a practicing astrologer since 2006, but she’s been a student for almost 30 years! In addition to astrology, Rachel has been working with magic, exploring it from various traditions, and is the author of Modern Day Magic: 8 Simple Rules to Realize Your Power and Shape Your Life.


Shaun’s M.A. in Yoga Studies has allowed her to create inclusive, authentic, and rich classes that use ancient and classical yogic texts to support the many practices offered.  Through imagination and breath, Shaun offers a well-rounded class to many populations that is freeing, creative, and warm.


Pamela’s Yogi name is Mahadeva Dasi, meaning “servant of the first Yogi” (Shiva). She is here to serve you through this life changing ancient practice. Her class purpose is to empower you to tap into your true Self. You will build upon your own practice with asana, pranayama, mantra, Sanskrit and motivating affirmations.


Hannah brings a somatic approach to her yoga classes allowing her students to drop into their bodies, to find freedom in their minds. She approaches her classes with a light heart, playfulness, organic movement, with an importance on alignment and breath.


Tianna encourages her students to find their balance on their mat through strength and fluidity, so they can find their balance in life. She is often high in energy and creates an open space to explore. She believes in play that leads to exploration and exploration that leads to growth. 


Gabriel is a yoga & meditation instructor, founder of Yoga Mārga School, podcaster, and lifelong observer of the dharma traditions. His classes focus on strengthening the connection between body and mind as a means of practicing Upeksha (equanimity) and fostering a love for the present moment.


For Jess, yoga shows you how to feel good in your body and it is a way to explore how you fit into this world. There are so many excuses to not practice yoga, but Jess tries to make her classes as accessible as possible, so everyone can experience the good energy in and around them.


Meghan finds inspiration in the slowness and stillness of yoga, and the opportunity to see a little more clearly. Her classes are designed to guide students into a place of deeper understanding within their bodies and their breath, and explore the ways we can experience radical self care.


Kat provides a safe yet honest space to connect with your true inner self during her Yin classes. She doe this through awakening and cultivating your sense of stability, strength, confidence, self-knowing and love for both yourself and others.


Grace values how impactful practicing mindfulness and yoga philosophy can affect one’s life. Creating connection between mind, body, and soul, she hopes to guide you in finding this capacity within yourself. 


Kassidie’s intention is to hold a safe space for others and to inspire self approval. Kassidie creates flows based on breath and anatomy, encouraging individuals to own their practice through variations that best support them in that moment.


Sheerle offers a deep and intentional yin practice that will teach you to hold space for your full spectrum human experience. Her classes help anchor you to gratitude and love for your body and self, preparing you to withstand whatever challenges life may unexpectedly reveal to you.


Libby Lydecker is a Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, Retreat Leader and Creator of the podcast Sexual Alchemy exploring conscious, divine feminine empowerment and sacral chakra healing. She finds joy in helping her students activate a space of self-authority to uplift themselves to live their highest destiny.


Yonatan is a Reiki healer, Pilates instructor & Conscious Relationship coach. At the heart of his career lies his work as a musician, he brings his knowledge of vibration and frequency into each of his teachings.