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An Introduction to the Gong by Gong Master Lou Maurer

Written by Lou Maurer

The Gong is one of the three sacred instruments, the other two being the conch and the Didgeridoo, all of which have been used for ceremonies and healing for many thousands of years.  Now that we are choosing consciousness, connecting to source, ourselves and nature, we’re allotting more time to nurture ourselves and our bodies in the more natural, safe, no side affects type of way.  Gongs are again becoming more popular as a modality of healing after being ignored for many decades, and with the use of sound and sound healing the Gong is an an ideal companion for us.

The Gong holds a huge range of frequencies within it, this makes it the perfect tool to use for sound healing.  It is important to remember every one of us is unique, every one of us is a vibratory being and each and every one of us vibrates at a slightly different combination of frequencies, so there is not a one size fits all tone or frequency.  There isn’t anything in existence that doesn’t vibrate, everything in the universe has its own vibratory frequency, even “solids” vibrate, their molecules are just bound more closely together making them “structurally rigid”.  

We use the sound of the Gong to adjust the vibration of parts of the body that are resonating at a frequency that is detrimental to the overall harmony and wellness of the body.  Sound healing works at a cellular level.  When we lie down, relax and are bathed by the sound waves of a Gong, our bodies ingest the sound oscillations which “entrain” or interact with the cells in your body that aren’t oscillating at the correct speed. The Gong vibrations work with the cells until they reach their natural resonance and they become at ease. 

A very important part of playing the Gong is the intent in which it is played, it is imperative that the Gong player is in a space where he or she is able to step aside of their own emotions and project only love and good intentions.  The Gong is always able to pick up and project bad energies, but if this is done correctly and sympathetically, only good feelings and wellness can be gained from a Gong immersion or sound bath.

We offer weekly Gong Immersions and Yoga classes accompanied by the Gong as well as Gong Explorations and Gong Training with Lou Maurer of Planet Gong Stands. For more information please contact us here.