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Meet Our Team: Astrologer, Tarot Reader & Esoteric Empowerment Coach Fiona

Written by Emily
Fiona Hillery is an esoteric empowerment coach based in Los Angeles using certified interdisciplinary practices of Western Astrology, Tarot and Feng Shui.
After a decade of building a successful media marketing career in New York City, Fiona’s passion and soul centered service took off synchronistically as the Covid-19 crisis hit and society looked to the stars.
Fiona’s professional background in business, media and creative partnerships, combined with her intuitive interpersonal skills, offers tangible value for all clients ready to step into spiritually aligned empowerment. While in her last Director role at Vice Media, Fiona showed by example that esoteric wellness enhances leadership growth, creativity and team building by implementing pop-in wellness workshops.

An Aquarius Sun/Moon and Virgo rising, Fiona first discovered the power of these ancient practices while traversing her own turbulent dark night of the soul. Alchemizing anxiety, trauma, addictive patterns and karmic relationships was her spiritual dissertation. Interdisciplinary holistic healing, self care and esoteric psychological study were the cornerstone practices that allowed Fiona to heal and shine.

Fiona is the latest addition to our Astrology team who all put the Astro in Astro Gong Yoga. She will be joining our co-founders Emily & Lou for our Moon Time ceremonies, to share her occult wisdom on the archetypal energies of the current Moon phase, as well as offer in-person astrologer and tarot readings at AGY. Details of her offerings are listed below but first get to know Fiona more intimately  via the interview below…

Fiona Hillery Los Angeles Astrologer

AGY: What are your “Big 3” astrology signs and how do you relate to them?

Fiona: Aquarius Sun, Moon and Virgo Rising. I was also born on the Aquarius solar eclipse in 1990! I identify with the expansive, yet fixed air sign in the fiber of my essence. I feel like when I’m most free I showcase the double Aqua creativity, intuition, independence and originality. My Virgo Rising persona was cultivated in my adult life, grounding me into being of service for the collective. My Sun and Moon fall in the 6th house, so themes around health and progressive approaches to holistic health, are prevalent with all of my “big 3” placements.

AGY: Why are you passionate about teaching astrology?

Fiona: Astrology has had a profound impact on my life, helping guide me to light from the darkest places and observe my life’s narratives objectively. I am passionate about teaching this practice to anyone open, as Astrology can be a beautiful tool that facilitates introspection, relationship harmony and co-creation of your most aligned life with the universe. I wish I had Astrology as a resource throughout my adolescence to fast track my spiritual growth.

AGY: Random fact about you?

Fiona: I moved to New York the week of Hurricane Sandy. And I moved to LA the week that Covid19 shut down travel. I tend to find a home admist the chaos!

AGY: What is you favorite inspirational quote?

Fiona: If you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles.”

AGY: What is your spirit animal and why?

Fiona: A snow leopard. I’ve always been drawn to catlike movements and their sensual power. The snow leopard resonates specifically because of their love of solitude, snow and the female’s ability to care for their young independently.

AGY: If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Fiona: Cleopatra. I’m fascinated by her rulership and the way she held court as a powerful, yet pleasureful, woman. Her revered conversation, along with secrets from the nile, would make for a great pairing with my favorite Mediterranean cuisine!

AGY:  Who has been your biggest mentor on your spiritual path?

Fiona: I could name many influences I respect: Ram Dass, Osho Dolores Cannon, Paul Weinfield, my New York tarot mentor Natalie Clark… Though these days I also have to give credit to myself, and my higher self. Honoring and learning how to respect my intuition’s agency has been incredibly liberating from seeking outside myself for answers.

AGY: What brings you most joy and why?

Fiona: Dancing freely on the beach with my little Boston Terrier pup!

AGY: If you live in LA, when and why did you move here?

Fiona: I moved accidentally. I was out here visiting my boyfriend of 6 months at the time (now we’re engaged) when the Covid19 pandemic picked up globally. Though we had briefly spoke about me moving here at some point, nothing was concrete. I was still quite attached to being a New Yorker, even though my intuition told me it was time to leave. The universe swiftly decided to make moves for me, and my quick vacation became a permanent relocation as the world shut down.

AGY: What is your favorite hobby?

Fiona: I adore hiking and being in nature. Climbing mountains, boulders and multi day hikes are all pleasurable to me!

You can book an in-person astrology or tarot reading with Fiona by calling the studio on (323) 433-7108. Here is a break down of her offerings:

30 minute Astro or Tarot Reading $100

These 30 minute sessions allow us to explore a question or area of life focus by utilize astrology or tarot for guidance. 

60 minute Astro or Tarot Reading $200

This 60 minute reading blending astrology and tarot is a glimpse into how planetary energy is impacting your business, finance, relationships, love and friendships, and what advice tarot offers for this cycle of life.

60 minute Couples synastry $250

A 60 minute deep dive into relationship astrology. Looking at synastry and composite charts, we further understand the dynamic of a relationship and the planetary energies influencing both parties. A PDF is included via email to keep.

Natal Birth Chart Beginners Package 60 minutes $222

The beginners package offers an overview of one’s unique birth chart and an analysis of how to read it. Together we look at your astrological blueprint and the stories unfolding in your life, helping optimize your strengths and identify recurring challenges. This package comes with a pdf emailed to keep.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.