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Astrology Consultation’s with In-House Astrologer Britney

Written by Emily

Our in-house astrologer and writer Britney was chosen by the stars over a century ago, but probably lifetimes before this according to her birth chart.  She is an ongoing student of Astrology and occult knowledge and she believes the ancient language is a bridge between Source and self.  Britney knew from a young age that there was a world outside the physical that we are all connected to.  Her state of being was seemingly at whim to the energies and she felt out of control of her life which was being dictated by the Collective Consciousness, people’s psychic and emotional states, as well as other energetic beings, a world she didn’t yet understand. 

Astrology offered her the cognitive understanding of this realm, herself, and inevitably this started her conscious and spiritual evolution.  Astrology not only helped her accept herself and who she was as a soul within a human vessel, but it helped her understand and accept her relationships.  She believes that when we understand Self and other this is where compassion comes alive, and therefore a better humanity for us all.  She leads with her intuitive abilities first while guiding consultations with others, and then uses the astrological chart like a road map to affirm and guide people to their truth.  

We are so excited to finally incorporate the ASTRO part of ASTRO.GONG.YOGA into our services with you all, and with that said we want to announce that we are now launching Britney’s Astrology Consultations.  Below you can find an outline of the range of services we will be providing:  

Astro Birth Chart Reading $200  1hr 

This consultation with Britney will be an hour of diving into your astrological DNA.  The stars aligned and at the exact day and time of your birth a snap shot was taken of the sky that is uniquely apart of who you are.  In this hour you’ll learn more about the themes in your birth chart, your soul’s evolutionary direction, past direction, soul’s desire, as well as personal skills of yours and parts of yourself to bring focus to.

Personal Focus Chart Reading $100 30 minutes

During this consultation with Britney you get to focus on a specific part of your birth chart, or the study astrology.  This is a great opportunity to ask a specific question you may have, dig deeper into your love life, discuss your past life possibilities and themes, or even learn more on how to interpret you own chart.  

Synastry Chart Reading with Composite $250 1hr

The Synastry Chart Reading is specific to your relationships, may it be your significant other, spouse, a family member, or even a deceased loved one.  You have an opportunity to sit down with Britney and together you will unwrap the relationship between you and other, what parts of your birth charts bring the two of you together, and where can we cultivate more awareness around more challenging areas of the charts.  You will also dig into your composite chart for the relationship, this chart will give you insight into how to nurture the relationship as an individual entity, between you and other, as well as points you could focus on to promote more growth and evolution together.

All readings come with a complimentary tarot card pull by Britney and the possibility of this being a virtual meeting.  If you are interested in one of the services and would like to book a consultation please call the studio directly on (323) 433-7108 or email