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August Monthly Horoscope: Conscious Creation

Written by Britney

There is a death and rebirth happening for the month of August that’s carrying over from July.  In true Leo Season fashion, creation is afoot, but creation is cycle that goes hand in hand with destruction.  It is our hearts and the way they’ve been functioning that have been and will continue to undergo this rapid transformation.  

Up until August 11th these changes can be a struggle.  Mercury will seem to vanish in the sky, being so close to the rays of the Sun.  The ancients and old mythology revered these times where the planets would disappear behind the sunlight, the planet was seen to be a conductor of dead souls into the next world, known as psychopomps.  In Jungian psychology this process is known as making the unconscious conscious.

As Mercury, the ruler of our minds ghosts us he will act as our guide, towing the old unconscious patterning, stories and conditioned habits from the underworld, into the conscious Heavens of our lives.  And this birthing happens in the area of our astrology charts that hold Leo, the ruler of our hearts, creativity and joy. 

Conscious Creation

“You have awakened when you realize you create your reality through the energy of your consciousness.” – unknown

Birthing isn’t always pretty or graceful.  As reality begins to shift fears can arise, and it feels like a reckoning of sorts.  The Judgement Card of the Tarot comes to mind when I think of the processing of the heart taking place in Leo Season 2021.  The dead rise from their graves as an angel trumpets them awake.  This month is an awakening of our hearts.

Shifting out of the unconscious and egoic heart space will help us become conscious creators.  The lower octaves of Leo energy will dissolve and the higher octaves will rein, breaking through new paradigms for humanity as well as our unique and individual lives.  

By the end of the month, the second Aquarius Full Moon will culminate which speaks to the opposition that is pushing our hearts outside their comfort zones.  Aquarius speaks to freedom, and it speaks to the individuals (you and I) who make up the larger collective.  Aquarius says “it is not your job to shrink parts of yourself for the comfort of others,” so let’s begin there this month.  

Revel in the callings of your heart, broadcast the eccentrics of your soul, rebirth a new trajectory for your life.  Consciously create it, you are the producer.  Every part of yourself is awakening and we don’t need to chase highs or seek validation when we validate ourselves and every part of who we are.

Affirmation Horoscopes

Aries- Affirm: “I express myself without inhibitions to find freedom in my life.  I don’t need the validation of others, I validate myself.”

Taurus- Affirm: “I reach all my goals by taking the time nourish my soul and allow myself to experience joy in my private life.”  

Gemini- Affirm: “I bring warmth to my daily interactions and because I give my light generously my life is expanding, abundant and moving effortlessly.”

Cancer- Affirm: “I cultivate acceptance of all parts of myself.  My worth is not built on the opinions of others.”  

Leo- Affirm: “Rejection isn’t personal.  I integrate this as my truth and I set myself free.”

Virgo- Affirm: “I no longer need the praise of others to feel worthy.  I help myself before I help others because I can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Libra- Affirm: “I give myself the same compassion that I give others.  I ask for help and support when I need it, I am not anyone’s savior.” 

Scorpio- Affirm: “I present myself authentically, even if I ‘don’t fit in.’  My light does not become brighter with the validation of my peers, it becomes brighter through sharing my heart.”

Sagittarius- Affirm: “I develop self-importance through leading by example.  I embrace my Divine Masculine and assert myself with clear communication and generosity.”

Capricorn- Affirm: “I share my heart to build deeper intimacy with self and other.  My power lies in the values of my heart and I lead with it.”

Aquarius- Affirm: “I am an individual with a unique identity and desires that matter.  The more I embrace my individuality, the more authentic my relationships get.”

Pisces- Affirm: “I become present and prioritize the details of my reality, because the more I focus on what’s here, the more aligned with my dreams I become.” 

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