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200 Hour Comprehensive Teacher Training

Svādhyāya (self-study) is the motivating force behind our 200 Hour Comprehensive Teacher Training. You will be introduced to the art of leading a yoga practice through authentically themed inspiration while honoring the genuine traditions of one of India’s most revered philosophical systems. 

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New Member Trial Special Offer

Our new Pluto member trial gives you unlimited access to all our yoga, pilates, pre-natal, meditation, sound healing and astrology classes plus our monthly community Moon Time gatherings for one month from the date of purchase, for just $125.

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Meet Our Team: Vedic & Western Astrologer Dr. Palōmi Rānī Sheth

Dr. Palōmi Rānī Sheth is an Alchemist of both eastern and western, artist and scientist, embodied and intellectual. She has studied and practices wisdom traditions, occult sciences, depth psychology, mysticism and allopathic medicine.

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Meet Our Team: Prenatal Yoga Teacher & Sexual Alchemy Podcaster Elizabeth

We are honored to welcome Elizabeth Lydecker to the AGY team as our prenatal yoga teacher. Elizabeth is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, Retreat Leader and Creator of the podcast Sexual Alchemy exploring conscious, divine feminine empowerment and sacral chakra healing.

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Soul Readings & “You Are Art” Workshop with Chelsea MacLeod Schultz

Chelsea MacLeod Schultz will be in residency at AGY between February 14th – 20th. During that time she will be offering in-person Soul Reading sessions as well as a workshop entitled You Are Art: Psychic Sensing for Your Soul. 

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Meet Our Team: Instagram Astrology Content Creator John

Please join us in welcoming John, the latest member of our ever expanding astrology team, and the voice of our Instagram astrology content.  A Tokyo and California-based astrologer, John performs readings and writes astrology pieces for publications such as IMA and others around the world.

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Meet Our Team: Astrologer and Moon Time facilitator Rachel

Rachel has been a practicing astrologer since 2006, but she’s been a student for almost 30 years, and is also a long time friend of AGY; supporting us from day 1 so we are thrilled to welcome her to the team as a regular facilitator our our monthly Moon Time ceremonies. In addition to astrology,…

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Meet Our Team: Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Erica

Erica aims to create a space that harnesses the unique growth of many different individuals into one supportive Sangha (spiritual community) so that Yoga becomes something universal that you carry with you between classes and serves you in your daily life.

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Meet Our Team: Hatha Teacher Meghan

Say hello to Meghan, the latest addition to our AGY family! Meghan is a 1000 hour certified Hatha yoga teacher, specializing in yoga, mantra, and Radical Self Care. She loves yoga, and considers herself a lifelong student of the science.

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