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Caza Wellness Clinic

Written by Emily

We’re excited to introduce you to CAZA Wellness a mobile wellness clinic that offers a curation of healing modalities to fit our members unique needs for holistic wellbeing to AGY.

Our mission is to make holistic practices easily accessible to all our members. By bridging the gap between the healer and member, we provide you with the peace of mind of knowing you’ll receive the help needed to support you, on your journey towards health & vitality.

Starting February 7th, our healer Kat Caza will be offering Reiki, Facial Reflexology Massage, Gua Sha, and Personalized Sound Healing every Tuesday & Thursday from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. by appointment only at AGY.

You’ll have the option to choose from the following services:

Main Services


Rei-ki (pronounced Ray Kee) 

The word reiki is usually translated as “Universal Life-Force Energy” or “Spiritual Energy.” It is a safe, gentle, nonintrusive hands-on/hands-off technique for use on yourself or with others. It is used to treat physical ailments and used as a holistic technique for balancing, healing, harmonizing all aspects of the person. Think of it as being blasted with nothing but LOVE energy.

What to Expect: 

During a reiki session, the recipient will lie down on a massage table while the practitioner places their hands gently on and/or above the recipient’s body starting from the top of the head and all the way down to the feet.  Some recipients may feel warmth, coolness, tingling, or simply just relaxed. Some may even experience colors, visuals, or a range of emotions. A session typically takes 60 minutes.


•Energetic detox

•Sympathetic + Parasympathetic nerve balance

•Stress & Anxiety relief

•Pain relief

•Improves sleep and promotes deep rest

•Emotional release

•Trauma work/healing

•Fertility/womb health

•Chakra balancing

•Aura cleansing

•And more

Facial Reflexology 

Facial Reflexology is an ancient healing modality which involves the application of pressure and massage to specific acupoints on the face.  These acupoints correspond to different organs in the body which in turn promotes overall health and wellbeing. Facial Reflexology involves techniques using hands and even supportive tools such as a gua sha jade stone, Gua sha roller, acupoint pen, etc.

What to Expect:

A Facial Reflexology experience is often described as a mix between a traditional facial and a facial massage. During a session, the recipient will lie down on a massage table as the practitioner performs various hands-on techniques with tools such as a healing gua sha jade stone, jade stone face roller, reflexology face tool, facial cups accompanied by organic facial oil and rejuvenating facial mist. A session typically takes up to 60 mins.


•Better sleep

•Increased energy

•Healthier skin

•Elevated mood

•Pain Relief

•Improvement in immune deficiencies

•Headache relief

•Clearer sinuses

•Calmer mind

•Body detoxification

From here you then have the choice to add the following services to your main treatment 

Add Ons

Gua Sha 

Gua Sha is an ancient traditional Chinese healing method in which the practitioner uses a smooth-edged tool such as a shaped jade stone to stroke your skin. Gua means to scrape or rub and Sha represents the toxic energy that is released thus making red marks at the surface of the skin. Not to worry though, these marks are perfectly normal. It shows us that the blockages from toxic energies are being released and people typically use Gua Sha to treat chronic pain all over their body. They often do it alongside other complementary treatments like herbal medicine, massage, acupuncture, and heat therapy.

What to expect:

During your Gua Sha treatment, the recipient will lay down on a massage table while the practitioner applies oil to the skin and performs stroking techniques using special tools on the area being tended to. A session can typically takes up to 30 mins.


•Helps treat back, neck, shoulder pain, and joint pain

•Releases muscle tension

•Boosts blood circulation

•Promotes lymphatic drainage

•Boosts immune system & blood circulation

•Sickness prevention

•Reduces puffiness and inflammation

Sound Healing

Sound Healing is the practice of using different sound vibrations  to improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The practitioner will often use different techniques with various sound healing instruments such as the gong, singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, hand drums, etc.

What to expect:

During a sound healing session, the recipient will simply lie down, eyes closed and tune in to the sounds while the practitioner plays various instruments to facilitate a healing space. A sound healing session typically takes up to 30 minutes.


•Sympathetic & Parasympathetic nerve balance

•Reduces stress

•Improves sleep

•Less chronic pain

•Lower blood pressure

•Better pain management

•Reduces risk of stroke and coronary artery disease


Our pricing options are as follows:

•1 Main Service $160.00

•1 Main Service + 1 Add On $216.00

•1 Main Service + 2 Add Ons $288.00

•2 Main Services + 1 Add On $360.00

We’ll also be offering a subscription service were you can prepay for your treatments and save even more.

Subscription 1

•1 Main Service + 1 Add On x 3 appointments $648.00

Subscription 2

•1 main Service + 1 Add On x 5 appointments  $1,080.00

Subscription 3

•1 Main Service + 1 Add On x 10 appointments $2,160.00

How To Book 

CAZA Wellness Clinic is by appointment only and we ask that you call (323) 433-7108 to make an appointment or enquire in-person at reception.