Training Gong -

Crystal Singing Bowl Training

Written by Emily

We’re excited to add Crystal Singing Bowls to our sound healing training programs.  This six hour one-on-one energy based training is designed to meet your individual needs; so whether you are an experienced practitioner looking to advance your skills or have never played crystal singing bowls before – this training is perfect for you.

Everyone is born with the natural ability to channel and energetically heal. Our intention is to help you understand and connect to this healing process with the aid of crystal singing bowls and sound. When this state of mindful connection is found it is easier to link to healing fields and then the process begins.

Your personalized training will explore the following topics:

The history and science behind sound healing

  • How sound promotes healing
  • How to create and hold a safe healing space
  • How to balance and amplify your vibrational energy
  • One and two hand playing
  • Sound volume and timing
  • Breath-work practices

Each training is from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. either Monday’s, Wednesday’s or Fridays. You can choose from the following dates:


Wednesday 6 & Friday 8


Wednesday 4 & Friday 6

Monday 9 & Wednesday 11

Wednesday 18 & Friday 20

Monday 23 & Wednesday 25


Wednesday 1 & Friday 3

Monday 6 & Wednesday 8

Wednesday 15 & Friday 17

Monday 20 & Wednesday 22

Wednesday 29


Friday 1

Monday 4 & Wednesday 6

Wednesday 13 & Friday 15

Monday 18 & Wednesday 20

You can book your training with Gong Master Lou of Planet Gong Stands for $460 per person by calling the studio on (323) 433-7108 or please email if you have any questions.