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Gong Exploration

Written by Lou Maurer

ASTRO.GONG.YOGA offers a one of a kind experience called a Gong Exploration. We have the full range of planetary gongs, plus many other gongs, to assist you in finding your perfect gong spirit companion.  This exclusive one-on-one, with Gong Master Lou Maurer, is by appointment only. It’s a two and a half hour dive into the world of the gong where Lou will use all of his experience with sound healing workshops, sound training and events played around the world to aid you to navigate the frequencies and the purchase of your gong.

We have 36 Gongs to choose from including a complete set of 19 tuned planetary gongs, ranging from the 24” Venus to the 40 inch Synodic Moon, along with a variety of symphonic and tuned gongs, such as the 32 inch Brilliant to the 40 inch Water Gong.  You can also fulfill all your gong lover needs in our boutique, we have an array of different mallets and gong bags to purchase, as well as our unique, handmade Planet Gong Stands that you can only find here at AGY, designed by Lou himself.

By the end of the exploration it is our hope that we will help affirm your choice in the gong that best resonates and aligns with your spirit.

The cost of a Gong Exploration is $287. 

To book an appointment please call the studio on (323) 433-7108 or to read more about Gong Master Lou bio click on our About page.