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Introducing Our Eight New Yoga Teachers

Written by Emily

Congratulations to the class of 2023 for graduating their 200 hour yoga teacher training program!!

It is an honor to introduce you to Emily, Loriana, Salma, Sam, Sarah, Shan, Sunny and Xavier.

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When designing Āsana & Beyond, our 200 hour comprehensive yoga teacher training program, with lead teacher Shaun-Meghan McNally, one of our main objectives was to ensure the students would receive plenty of practical in-person teaching experience.

We both agreed that we didn’t want to simply give them their certificate at the end of the program and send them on their way, into the world of yoga, as sadly so many yoga schools do. We wanted to fully support our teacher trainers from begin to end, and beyond. Making sure they felt confident enough to teach a full class of students, with an array of needs, so that they would ultimately feel supported and cared for too.  Which is how every person taking a yoga class should feel.

And so, when enrolling into Āsana & Beyond at Astro Gong Yoga, all graduating teacher trainers receive an eight week residency teaching our Community Classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. Helping them build their confidence, within a supportive community, in a yoga studio they are familiar with. As well as giving them time to hone their skills, while receiving feed back from Shaun and the other teachers at AGY, as they add experience to their yoga resumes. 

All profits from our Community yoga classes will be donated to the Prison Yoga and Meditation nonprofit organization.

Your $13 class passes will help them publish and distribute Prison Yoga + Meditation: Relieve Suffering, Heal from Trauma, and Experience Inner Peace, written specifically for prisoners. Including 17 unique sequences to allow prisoners the opportunity to practice and progress at their own pace from beginner to advanced. The book also includes self-compassion practices, meditations, a brief history of yoga, and many other tools for a complete yoga journey that is specific to prison life.

We thank you in advance for supporting the future of yoga and helping make it accessible to everyone. 

Our Community Classes start on Tuesday July 11. We encourage you to pre-book here or by calling the studio on (323) 433-7108.

Enrollment for Āsana & Beyond 2024 begins this coming September. More details coming…