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July Monthly Horoscope: Purpose in Vulnerability

Written by Britney

We are now in the heated emotional waters of Cancer Season, while Venus and Mars are being dramatic and trying to run the show in Leo.  What you need to know is that this part of the sky that we’re working with this month is extremely personal.  Add to the mix that this month we’re also dealing with a lot of what astrologers call “personal planets,” including:

The Sun – what we personally value, what makes us light up, what creates growth within us

Venus – personal emotional temperaments, what we are attracted to and what is attracted to us, relationships and money

Mars – the way we do things on a personal level, our “go after what you want” mechanism, also the ruler of our energetic bodies

All three of these activated and it’s an emotional cocktail for personal understanding, and possibly personal reactions.  Both the pleasant and not so pleasant.  There will be many conversations happening between the sky Gods, let’s talk about the one’s creating friction.  We can use the understanding from the astrology to better serve our moments, and this can help release pressure before break downs happen.

Purpose in the Vulnerability

The feelings that arrive for you and others come with purpose.  The new Moon in Cancer on the 10th initiates a cycle that will culminate by the full Moon in Aquarius on July 23rd.  This new Moon asks us to feel into the moment, initiate our emotional warrior and use our intuition to navigate as sudden, unexpected new beginnings start to form.  

After listening to our hearts and being ushered into these new beginnings, the Full Moon in Aquarius will bear its full face at the end of the month.  It emerges into the sky and asks us, “is the life you’ve been leading aligned with what you dream of?”  “Are you surrounded by people who inspire you to be the unique individual you are?”  And lastly, “does it all align with your purpose that is divinely connected to Source?”

Be mindful to temper yourself and surrender to what Mama Luna is revealing.  While this month will feel entirely personal, remember that all the feels are fleeting.  Cancer Season is ruled by the Moon who is deep, illusive at times, and always cycling through changes of phase.  This month she wants us to know that we bring humanity closer to itself by letting others see and support the unique and vulnerable aspects of ourselves.  Vulnerability leads to the purpose.

Aries- The New Moon falls in the feels sector of your chart— home, security and processing feelings connected to old lineage patterns are all on the agenda.  You’re stoked, I know.  But this clearing is setting you up for a possibly fun month, and a potential end of trauma down the bloodline that have created blocks to the flow of matriarch in your family.  Prioritize sharing vulnerabilities with those who make you feel at home and then after the release focus on what lights your heart up.  Your romantic life has a big shot at heating up!  Hot girl summer, here we come!

Taurus- Genius ideas, insights during passing conversations can lead to new perspectives on your individuality and should be heeded.  When the lightning strikes make sure you move as it’s setting you up for a revolution of self that will effect both your home life, your career and your potential legacy.  I can’t say this will be a comfortable month, but it will be a monumental one for future you.  Be the passionate bull this month instead of the grazing cow.  The lighting will help get you moving.

Gemini- Something is telling me you’re having a bit of an emotional renaissance.  You love to intellectualize your feelings, you’re an air sign after all, but what happens when the body beckons you to let feelings move through you?  Events that take place during the New Moon on the 9th will have a way of changing what you value and your beliefs.  By the Full Moon in Aquarius, the renaissance could commence with the new perspective, and it’s quite possibly taking you on a whole new exciting venture.

Cancer- Happy Solar Return to our emotional warriors of the Zodiac!  This is a brand new beginning for you and it’s being led by your heart, that’s changing its value system.  You’re ready to start doing things differently.  You’re walking the walk you talk, and finally daring to dive into the depths of your soul, sharing it with others and forming a more intimate relationship with self.  This can be scary, but remember, an object in motion stays in motion.  No looking back from here Cancer, your dreams are going to be changing as you align with your grandest potential.  We’re here for this!

Leo- Repeat this affirmation over and over during the month of July, “the perception others have of me is not my business.”  Remember this when you face any opposition.  This is a big learning lesson for you, Leo, you’re leveling up and maturing.  Instead of needing external validation, the validation of your individuality as a unique human being is now unfolding.  This is paving the way for more authentic expression and deeper relationship with self.  Letting go of what no longer serves you and reflecting will be a big part of this month.  This is the journey to self love.  Is it your Leo Season yet?

Virgo- Virgo, be mindful of your health this month.  There is a need to bring balance to your spiritual life and your physical vitality.  Let it be your guiding point amongst the chaos, as well focus on work.  2021 has been a whirlwind, it’s rerouted you exponentially.  Functioning in the unknown, for an earth sign who wants all the details squared away can be stressful AF!  You’ve been emptying your karmic bag and will continue to this month.  Old patterns and cycles are wrapping up, and the new is coming.  Deal with the clean up as it happens and keep it simple this month.

Libra- Libra, you’re positioned towards the future but there are habits that needs to be addressed correlated to the past.  The decisions made around the Full Moon are creating either a whole new trajectory or giving you insight into where your legacy is taking you.  By the end of the month it will be blatant what needs to happen next.  Look at this as a grand learning moment that will propel you on a path of rerouting, the absolute best is yet to come.  Remember that. 

Scorpio- Scorpio, I like this month for you.  There aren’t many times that you get to level-up without the learning lessons resembling death, or an extreme transformation.  This month, it can be leisurely while helping to open up your life.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you see right through others, to the point of infiltration at times— but when do others get to see you?  Make an effort to learn about vulnerability and make it a practice.  A good starting point is watching all of Brene Brown material on YouTube.  If you make this an active learning month, you’ll find an emotional freedom that few have, and you’ll marvel at your spiritual gains.

Sagittarius- This can be quite a sexy yet uncomfortably transformational month for you, Sag.  This New Moon in Cancer is falling in your house of emotional intimacy, intimate sex, dark feelings, taboos and what’s been kept in the closet.  You don’t normally like getting that deep if it means heading into your soft spots, especially with others.  But what if you knew that your world, come the Full Moon, would get significantly more authentic and spontaneous?  Well, it will.  As the harder feelings come up, consider exploring deeper by yourself, via journaling, or phoning a friend.  You’ll like the end of the month, just do the work for greater expansion!

Capricorn-  Uranus, the God of change is ushering in new beginnings in regards to your relationships come the New Moon.  You may be hard on the outside, Capricorn, but you need someone who is able to nurture you, since you’re so often playing father figure to everyone around you.  A spontaneous happening will create necessary change for you, all you need to do is roll with it.  Easier said than done, but by the end of the month, the stars assure you that all your ducks will be in a row from rearranging your relationships.  And you like when your ducks are in a row, don’t you!

Aquarius- Spontaneous combustion near the New Moon will lead to new beginnings in your work life, daily routines and/or health.  This will effect your relationships, the way you present yourself in the world and your home life.  Your feelings may be stirred, which is hard for an intellectual Aqua like yourself.  The Universe needs to crack you wide open so you can get off the fence in regards to what’s next.  Jupiter re-enters your sign at the end of the month and is ready to line you up with more blessings, but he can’t do that when you have blocks to the flow.  This change is necessary— being the sign of sudden change, I think you can roll with that.

Pisces- You will start to become very aware of illusions and they’ll  fall at your feet with your ruler Neptune beginning to retrograde.  This will bring with it a certain reality check but also the clarity you need to take advantage of this month’s Cancer Season, as well as summer.  The Cancer New Moon brings in all the feels, which is cool with you, you could bask there all day and never get a hang over.  Channel this energy into your romantic and creative life, as well as anything that brings you personal joy.  There will be many offers of fun and chivalry this month,  Just make sure you’re taking time out to connect to yourself, as the end of the month might force you into a hard recoup if you don’t balance your energy.

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