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Gong Training with Gong Master Lou Maurer

Written by Britney

We are pleased to announce we’ve added more dates for our small group gong trainings with Gong Master Lou Maurer. This 16 hour training, held over two days, will be limited to six people and held in our beautiful Gong room.

Private One on One trainings are also held in our powerfully energetic Gong room.

Lou has led sound healing workshops, sound trainings and even played events around the world, he will utilize his mastery to guide you in a transformative course in which you’ll learn how to navigate the healing powers and energies of sound vibration through the gong.

What you’ll gain from this training:

  • Learn a brief History of the gong.
  • Discover the importance of ritual within the space of a sacred instrument, including gong honoring and setting intentions.
  • Learn how to ground and balance personal energy through meditations and body mapping (attentive awareness to heart rate, breath, surroundings, etc.) held before playing.
  • Attune the mind with specific meditations to hone the individual vibrations of the gong, aka listening skills and concentration.
  • Personal demonstrations on how to hold space within a sound bath.
  • Practice in breath work and disciplining the mind to hone your skill of channelling and projecting the healing frequencies of the gong.
  • Understanding of the vibrational effects of timing, sound healing, silence and how it works on the body.
  • Insight into gong posture.
  • Tips into mallet, rhythmical and pressure techniques.
  • Multiple opportunities to play different gongs for more experience, with one on on instruction.
  • Opportunity to discuss and evaluate your advancement over the 2 day time period.
  • The possibility of experimenting with other sound healing instruments.
  • Q&A and direction with your own personal Gong Master throughout the course time period.

Group Trainings:

maximum 6 people

16 hours

Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm


Thursday and Friday 10am to 6pm

One on One Gong Trainings: 

12 hours

Saturday and Sunday 9am to 3pm


Thursday and Friday  10am to 4pm


Saturday and Sunday 11th & 12th

Thursday and Friday 16th & 17th

Thursday and Friday 30th & 1st


Saturday and Sunday 2nd & 3rd

Thursday and Friday 7th & 8th

Saturday and Sunday 16th & 17th

Thursday and Friday 21st & 22nd

Thursday and Friday 28th & 29th

Saturday and Sunday 30th & 31st


Thursday and Friday 4th & 5th

Thursday and Friday 11th & 12th

Saturday and Sunday 13th & 14th

Thursday and Friday 18th & 19th

Thursday and Friday 25th & 26th

Saturday and Sunday 27th & 28th


Thursday and Friday 2nd & 3rd

Thursday and Friday 9th & 10th

Thursday and Friday 16th & 17th

Saturday and Sunday 18th & 19th 


One on One Gong training  $750

Couples or good friends $650 each 

(maximum 3 people)

Group $600 each

(Maximum 6 people)

Find out more about Lou you can read his bio here and to book a group or couples Gong training contact us here. 

Once you book the training you’ll receive a questionnaire regarding your experience with gong and sound healing, as well an opportunity to express your goals for the course.