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Meet Our Team: Astrologer and Moon Time facilitator Rachel

Written by Emily

Rachel has been a practicing astrologer since 2006, but she’s been a student for almost 30 years, and is also a long time friend of AGY; supporting us from day 1 so we are thrilled to welcome her to the team as a regular facilitator our our monthly Moon Time ceremonies.

In addition to astrology, Rachel has been working with magic, exploring it from various traditions and is the author Modern Day Magic: 8 Simple Rules to Realize Your Power and Shape Your Life. Rachel also writes a monthly horoscope column for the Omega Institute and Conscious Living. 

Rachel teaches courses, offers retreats, and leads the Astrology • Mysticism • Magic tribe, a lively community of astrology lovers, spiritual seekers, and modern-day mystics. You can get to know more about her here and also read our interview with her below…

AGY: What are your “Big Three” astrology signs and how do you relate to them?

Rachel: Libra Sun, Gemini Moon, and Taurus Rising. My Gemini Moon is probably the loudest of the three because it’s conjunct Jupiter. Having a Gemini Moon means I’m inherently curious and never bored. I love learning as much as I love writing and teaching. I think that’s why I love astrology — no matter how long I’ve been studying it, there’s always more to know. My Taurus rising helps me stay grounded, as it’s the only earth in my chart. It gives me the appearance of being calm and balanced, but I have a lot of air running the things beneath the surface. I’ve grown to appreciate my Libra Sun and the relational aspect of this sign. I have a heart for justice and a deep sense of fairness that underlies everything I do or say — this is a Libra mindset.

AGY: Who has been your biggest mentor on your spiritual path?

Rachel: When I discovered astrology quite by accident, I wanted to learn everything I could. So, I checked out every book I could find in the public library system. A few years later, I discovered a metaphysical bookstore close to where I lived in the Midwest. There, I met my first teacher Deborah. She taught me the basics of spiritual development, mediumship, and magic. Her classes were a lifeline for me as I developed my abilities. I began studying with her in the 90s, and at the time, this was all an underground movement. I didn’t have any points of reference for this kind of spiritual exploration. I was the youngest person in my classes by far, and she took me under her wing. I’m so grateful to this day.   

AGY: What is your favorite inspirational quote:

Rachel: “When I dare to be powerful—to use my strength in the service of my vision—then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid,” Audre Lorde

AGY: What is your spirit animal and why?

Rachel: Owls have been a powerful presence in my life since childhood. I have had some wild supernatural encounters with owls over the years, and they regularly appear in my dreams. Anytime I’m going through a significant change in life, owl makes an appearance. 

AGY: Describe yourself in three words:

Rachel: Creative, enthusiastic, and magical

AGY: What is a random fact about you?

Rachel: When I’m not working with astrology, I write screenplays and fiction. I have been working toward a screenwriting certificate at  UCLA and have finished a few projects since I started. I have Mercury in the 5th house and especially love writing for children and young adults.  

AGY: What brings you most joy and why?

Rachel: Spending time with the people I love, especially my closest friends and family. I’m grateful to have so many smart, thoughtful, hilarious, and loving people in my life. 

AGY: What’s your biggest fear and why?

Rachel: I want to say something really meaningful here like, the fear of what will happen to the earth as a result of climate change, but I have to be honest. Roaches. That’s my biggest fear. I don’t know why, but when I see them, I freeze…usually after I scream. I can’t kill them, but I’m too afraid to carry them outside. It’s strange but true. 

AGY: If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

Rachel: I’d be a shapeshifter. Wouldn’t it be cool to turn into a raven and fly above traffic to deliver a message across town? Or transform into a panther to scare away a villain?

We encourage you to per-book Rachels Moon Time ceremonies here or by calling the studio on (323) 433-7108. Please also contact us if you have any questions about Moon Time.