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Meet Our Team: Co-Founder & All-Round Girlboss Emily

Written by Britney

Introducing our Co-Founder and all-round Girlboss Emily, she is the YOGA to our ASTRO.GONG! Emily’s background in fitness photography and personal training informed her understanding about the human body but also made her deeply aware that each person is infinitely more than their body. Emily is an instinctive and passionate yoga teacher, she pairs the science of Kundalini yoga and with the wisdom of the stars to help you connect with, learn from and exude the universal energies.

Emily Girlboss Astro Gong Yoga

AGY: How did you create the name ASTRO.GONG.YOGA?

Emily: By combining the ancient and sacred teachings of Astrology, Sound Healing with a focus on Gong, and Yoga. They are the perfect foundation to build a fulfilled, connected and abundant life.

AGY: What’s it been like opening AGY during the pandemic?

Emily: Challenging, but I love a challenge – I’m like “give me a problem and I’ll find a solution” and I’m proud of what we as a team and community have created so far.

AGY: What are you intentions for AGY’s future?

Emily: To continue to help build an authentic and inclusive community that allows for our teachers and facilitators to share their talents and gifts, and for our members to expand their practice and personal development.

AGY: Where are you from?

Emily: That is a very good question. I’ve moved 14 times – so far. If I were to generalize I’d say the South East of England.

AGY: How did you get to California?

Emily: I had an a-ha moment driving through Santa Barbara on a road trip from San Diego to San Francisco back in 2015. They say the Lemuria settled in Santa Barbara, as well as San Jose, Carmel and Mt. Shasta, and I’ve been told that I was a Lemurian in a past life so maybe it was my people calling me home? But either way I didn’t stop for the next 3 years until I found a way to relocate permanently.

AGY: What is your “big 3” Astrologically and how do you relate to them?

Emily: Aquarius Sun, Capricorn Rising and Gemini Moon. Day to day I feel my Capricorn Rising is most dominant – it’s my driving force, determination and ballsiness. My Aquarius Sun is where my big ideas, creativity and “uniqueness” manifest from. Then my Gemini Moon is what feeds my soul – knowledge, life lessons, and quality communication.

AGY: How did you get into Yoga?

Emily: I started practicing yoga in High School, although through out my 20’s I was more interested in going to the gym and competing at indoor rowing. It wasn’t until I attended a Gabrielle Bernstein event in London, and heard her playing The Magic Mantra, that I discovered Kundalini yoga and started to develop my daily practice.

AGY: Why are you passionate about teaching yoga?

Emily: The teachings have the capabilities to uncover the best version of yourself and I deeply believe everyone should have access to these technologies so they can elevate their true potential.

AGY: What is your favorite mantra?

Emily: Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad a.k.a The Magic Mantra. It was the seed that grew into my current daily life.

AGY: What is your spirit animal and why?

Emily: E.T. because he’s from another world. I can appreciate that.

AGY: What brings you most joy and why?

Emily: Eating with friends and family. My mum is a Le Cordon Blue chef, she has a Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon, so growing up and to this day there is nothing that makes me happier than cooking, she taught me well!, and eating.

AGY: Random fact about you?

Emily: I’ve visited to 74 countries so far. There are so many more I want to explore!

The best place to connect Emily and see her work at large is on our Instagram.