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Meet Our Team: In-House Astrologer & Writer Britney

Written by Emily

This is Britney, the ASTRO. to our GONG.YOGA!  Astrology is a huge piece of the foundation that is AGY, it links yoga and gong together as one to create our core vision and philosophy.  Britney is our in-house astrologer, writer, studio assistant and so much more!  She’s been studying the stars and occult knowledge for over 10 years and she is also an intuitive tarot reader.

Leading into September she will be providing Astrology Consultations for our community, she believes the ancient language of astrology is a bridge between Source and Self, and she uses it and her intuition as a way to guide others to their truth.  Stay on the look out for her services in the next month and how to book a session with her!

AGY:  How did you get into Astrology?

Britney: I remember being 12 years old and my mom bought my first teen magazine, this started my love for aesthetics but also when I got to the end of the magazine there were these horoscopes that resonated with me so much, and my journey really began there.  I started studying as an introspective process 13 years ago, to help better understand my relationship at the time and to cultivate deeper awareness of myself.

AGY:  Why are you passionate about giving astrological readings?

Britney:  I’m passionate about astrology readings because of the insight they can give others about their spiritual journey.  I truly started finding myself and my truth through this medium and to be able to aid others in finding their truth through the use of astrology is a gratifying feeling for me.  It also allows me to be a conduit for source energy while tapping into the subconscious and intuitive realm and as a Pisces I thrive in this space, it’s my real reality.

AGY:  What is your astrology sign and how do you relate to it?

Britney:  I am as Pisces as a Pisces can be, my sun is in the 12th house, which is a Piscean house, thank God for my Taurus Moon to keep me grounded or I’d probably float away! I truly am a fish, I have no boundaries, throw me in whatever water and I become it.  I am also extremely sensitive to the energies of the world, I’m compassionate, a lover and a dreamer.

AGY:  How did you become apart of ASTRO.GONG.YOGA?

Britney:  I was absolutely divinely guided to AGY, I don’t even know how I found them, they only had like 50 followers at the time, but I think I was looking through Los Angeles hash tags for astrologers and I slid in their DMs!  Emily took the bait and reached out to me, she “reeled me in” she says, and the rest is history.

AGY:  What has it been like joining the founders, Emily and Lou, and opening during a pandemic?

Britney:  It has been something, I’ll say that, but nothing short of magic.  Despite all the “set backs,” the delays, opening during a pandemic-  getting to be apart of their journey and watching it play out so synchronistically has proven even more to me that the Universe has our backs when your Dharma and intentions are in line.  I quote set backs because they’ve all been blessings in disguise in retrospect, and I am so grateful to be apart of their vision.

AGY:  How did you get into Yoga?

Britney:  I have always struggled with my mental health and I started to experience anxiety in a very debilitating way, I was almost agoraphobic at one point.  At the time, I was rock climbing at a gym a lot and they had a bunch of yoga classes to take advantage of and that is where I started.  I hopped straight into a YTT and this actually made my anxiety worse, but it was what I needed at the time to learn to get back into my body and out of my head space.

AGY:  Favorite asana and why?

Britney:  Child’s pose, I love the surrender involved here and the way it activates breath deep in the belly.

AGY:  What is your favorite inspirational quote?

Britney:  “A prayer for the wild at heart kept in cages,” a quote from a play of Tennessee Williams’.

AGY:  What brings you most joy and why?

Britney:  What brings me the most joy is when I share my darkest feelings with the world, through art, music, writing or spiritual work, and it resonates with others.  When others are able to embrace their shadows, their deepest truths, and feel understood, my heart is completely full.

AGY:  What is your spirit animal and why?

Britney:  Animals and insects constantly show up in my life as messengers, but I think I resonate with a snake the most at the moment.  They are such instinctive and animalistic creatures, but their highest octave symbolically, they are bridges between the lightest and darkest truths of humanity.

AGY:  Where are you from?

Britney:  I’m from the Bay, in Northern California!  Always representing!

AGY:  How did you get to LA?

Britney:  On a magic carpet.