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Meet Our Team: Instagram Astrology Content Creator John

Written by Emily

Please join us in welcoming John, the latest member of our ever expanding astrology team, and the voice of our Instagram astrology content.  A Tokyo and California-based astrologer, John performs readings and writes astrology pieces for publications such as IMA and others around the world.

He uses astrology not to map out destiny, but to understand the self and find strategies to living a fuller, more abundant life.

John’s informative, knowledgeable and poetic astrological transmission’s can be found on the AGY Instagram in the form of our daily and weekly Horoscopes.

He also shares weekly how-to and self-care posts that explore the most influential transit of that week or educational posts breaking down the more technical side of astrology including modalities, elements and houses etc. 

You will also be able to meet John in person, not just virtually, at our future Moon Time ceremonies through out the year. In the mean time you can find out more about John in our interview below…

AGY: What are your “Big 3” astrology signs and how do you relate to them?

John: My Sun is in Taurus, my Moon is in Libra and I have an Aquarius Rising. Taurus and Libra are both Venus-ruled signs so they’re very focused on material comforts, peace, and moving at your own pace – traits I would say really define who I am. My Taurus Sun inspires a love of nature, beauty, and security, while my moon in Libra adds to that mix – since the moon rules our senses and our bodies, I feel like the Sun and Moon join hands and help instilled me an appreciation for beauty and a heightened sensitivity to it. A lot of people talk about Aquarius being an aloof, detached sign – but with an Aquarius rising, I would say I relate less to that and more to the descriptions of Aquarius as an archetype for the black sheep, the rebel, and the one who stands out. I feel like throughout my life this has been a theme that has pervaded for me, and owning that part of me that is unique is one of my lessons in life (I have Saturn conjunct my ascendant!). I also relate to the Aquarian desire for freedom.

AGY: What us you favorite inspirational quote?

John: “Love when you can, cry when you have to, be who you must, that’s a part of the plan.” They’re lyrics from the song Part of the Plan by Dan Fogelberg – his words have guided me for so much of my life.

AGY: What is a random fact about you?

John: I’ve lived in Japan since 2013 and I’ve studied the Japanese language since I was nine years old! I have a huge fascination with Asian culture and language.

AGY: Who has been your biggest mentor on your spiritual path?

John: Definitely Rachel Lang, a fellow astrologer working at ASTRO.GONG.YOGA! She’s been my mentor in astrology and spirituality since I was in high school.

AGY: What is your favorite hobby?

John: Astrology, no question! I love observing how my own mood and mind fluctuate with the movements of the planets. There’s so much joy in observation because you see patterns that repeat. It reminds you that life is circular and yet there’s always something new to look forward to.

AGY: What is you favorite mantra?

John: I don’t know if this is a mantra in the sense of the word in yoga, but I love the words “Don’t puff up, don’t shrink down, stand your sacred ground.” I first heard the words from Brene Brown, a notable author and researcher on vulnerability. I think it’s a powerful idea to keep in mind when you’re trying to embody who you are on the truest level.

AGY: If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

John: Flying or telekinesis, for sure! I have dreams about flying all the time. I can’t describe how joyful those dreams are.

AGY: If you live in LA, when and why did you move here?

John: I don’t live in LA yet but I’m relocating back to Southern California in May of this year from Japan. I first moved here back in high school from the Southeast – there’s so much diversity and energy about this area. When I’m here, I feel like an exciting future practically unfurls before my eyes.

AGY: What is your favorite food?

John: I love Mexican food. In Tokyo Mexican food is incredibly hard to find. I’m so excited to be back in Southern California partly because of all the food.

Be sure to check out Johns insightful and beautifully written horoscopes and astrology post on our Instagram here.