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Meet Our Team: Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Kiara

Written by Emily

Kiara is the latest yoga teacher to join the AGY team and as a 200-RYT, Urban Zen Integrative Therapist, Usui Reiki Practitioner, Kemetic Reiki Practitioner and Mama Glow Doula Trainee she has a lot to offer the AGY community. Kiara (pronounced kee-air-ahhh) studied and was certified at Mt. Kurama Japan and has also completed 50+ clinical hours at UCLA Santa Monica Campus in both Geriatrics & Pediatrics.

A spiritual freedom fighter, her purpose in this time is to hold space for others as they begin the cultivation of their personal self-love/self-care discoveries and journeys. Kiara only shares with her clients that which she has studied in her own personal practice. She utilizes the healing modalities of yogic science, restorative yoga asana, self-study, meditation, reiki therapy, sound healing and breathwork. These tools support tuning into and refining receipt of messages and wisdom stored within one’s own body temple. Kiara’s goal is to spiritually empower while keeping it practical.

To find out more about Kiara continue reading the interview below and check out the link at the end to book her classes at AGY…

Kiara Tenae Vinaysa Yoga Los Angeles

AGY: How did you get into Yoga?

Kiara: I took my first class in 2008, but started practicing consistently in about 2016. I work at a boutique special events firm and dove into my practice after a former boss and mentor of mine suddenly passed away, and we were forced to close our office. I called the nearest yoga studio (where I had actually just canceled my membership because I was working more than practicing) and just spilled my guts to them about my mentor. They invited me back for a complimentary month and the rest is yoga history.

AGY: What is your favorite mantra?

Kiara: There’s a lovely woman from Africa who resides in Paris that creates the most beautiful mantra tracks and I listen to and practice this mantra daily. It is:

Kae ee la hreem

Ha sa ka ha la hreem

Saka ha la hreem

AGY: What is your favorite Favorite asana and why?

Kiara: Wheel! I love the physical representation of strong back, soft front; a metaphor I remember from a book. The asana offer the opportunity to literally program into the body a strong stable back yet an open heart and I believes it can attract so much goodness into ones life.

AGY: Why are you passionate about teaching yoga?

Kiara: The technology of yoga has elevated my life wholeheartedly & holistically. My practice keeps me balanced and I love the opportunity to work shit out physically. We always have the opportunity to start over, with each breath and you never leave the mat the way you walked in! It’s an honor to share and create this space that I have experienced with my students. When I teach I overflow with gratitude.

AGY: What is your “Big Three” astrology signs?

Kiara: My sun sign is Scorpio, rising is Libra and moon in Cancer!

AGY: What is your spirit animal and why?

Kiara: I always felt it was a snake, but lately a horse has been strongly presenting itself to me. The Horse is a symbol for nobility and is very ancient medicine. I do feel I am an ancient soul. They are a bit mysterious, very majestic and in tune/sensitive to the environment around them. What I love and connect to the most with horses is the balance between tame and wild that they symbolize.

AGY: Who has been your biggest mentor on your spiritual path?

Kiara: My Doula and mentor Mama MA’AT of birth mama international. A friend gave me her information to work together and she has supported & guided me through some of the deepest pain one can experience; loss of child through miscarriage. Because of her work I also started to train as a doula!

AGY: What is a random fact about you?

Kiara: I love to be barefoot.

AGY: If you live in LA, when and why did you move here?

Kiara: I moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to meet and connect with the paternal side of my family.

AGY: What is your favorite hobby, aside from yoga?

Kiara: I love exploring and adventure! Travel is a must for me.

You can pre-book Kiara’s Vinyasa yoga classes on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. plus Mondays at 8:30 a.m. here or by calling the studio on (323) 433-7108.