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Moon Time

Written by Britney

You’ve probably heard terms like “New Moon ritual,” “Full Moon party,” “Full Moon Ceremony” tossed around often nowadays, especially if the Universe led you specifically to this blog post.  We have been gathering in community by the cycles of the Moon for ages, it’s practically in our DNA.  There has been evidence of Moon worship uncovered at archaeological digs, the ancient Babylonia, Egyptians, and Chinese were among the many who made these ceremonies a part of their culture and in their honor we see more of an embrace to these odes of ritualistic history in our own culture today.

We’re fast approaching the Full Moon in Pisces and under the evening sky of the full Moon we’ll be holding space for us all to come together.  We will disconnect from the material and technology world so we can drop into the connection of nature and our spirit.  The monthly rhythm of the Moon has long time been associated to our emotional nature, the sacred feminine, darkness, water and a life that is always transforming.  Much like our feelings, the moon is fluid in nature and always changing, just as the tides being pulled by the mother Moon herself.

In our celebratory monthly ceremonies, we will bolster the sacredness of the moon and come together to co-create energetically as a community.  We will call our gatherings Moon Time and they’ll take place every Saturday closest the new and full Moon.  Of course we will come together with all of our Covid-19 protocols in place, the astro turf will be rolled out with 6ft spaces sectioned off, wearing masks and bringing your own mat is a must and we will provide hand sanitizer among entry and exit.

Our immersive experience always includes a guided meditation by co-founder and Kundalini teacher Emily, a planetary gong bath by our other co-founder and Gong Master, Lou, as well as an introduction to relevant occult knowledge with rotated guest facilitators.  Our first Moon Time will come together on the Full Moon in Pisces, Saturday, August 29th, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  The theme for this Moon Time will be “Letting Go With Grace,” Britney, our in-house astrologer, will open ceremony and guide us through an exploration of the planetary transits for this Full Moon’s energy.

Pisces is the sign of ultimate surrender, the full Moon is time period of being receptive to what is being illuminated and what has culminated since the new moon.  This Moon is highlighting the subconscious realm of Pisces, and what lies here are our deep truths that we don’t usually want to look at but are always pressing for our presence.  It is when we choose to be consciously open, hold space compassionately for ourselves, our truths and others that we can find a way to let go of what no longer serves us in our lives with grace, and we will explore this together.

We hope you will join us for our first Moon Time, our rooftop classes have been nothing short of magic and we know that the community gatherings will be the same!  You can book at the link below!

“Grace is openness.  By remaining open, you let go of your ego and narrow-minded views, and allow divine grace to express itself through you.”
– Mata Amritanadamayi, The Hugging Saint