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November Monthly Horoscopes: Jaws of Life aka Eclipse Season

Written by Britney
Do you feel stuck? Are there parts of your life that feel stifling? Are you going through your third existential crisis of the year? You through with your BS and repetitive patterns? Well, struggle no longer! Call 1-800- ECLIPSE, because the season has officially begun! 
We continue our journey this month towards integration of the Scorpio archetype in our lives, aka TRANSFORM OR BUST. But we have a New Moon in Scorpio on November 4th that’s in opposition to Uranus, the planet of challenging the norm, and whose here to “f*&k s#!% up.” To add to the cosmic cataclysmic cocktail, we are currently under the shock waves of the partial Lunar eclipse that is taking place in Taurus on November 19th.
So, needless to say, it’s time to switch it up!
The way this Universe works is that we become consciously aware beings and learn to recognize when shifts need to be made in our lives, or the Universe will make them for us. And so the jaws of life will be sweeping over our current realities— it’s time to release your tension and deeply exhale at this time.
As uncomfortable as it may be, this month is here to jolt our systems and wake up us, specifically with our commitment issues, and a decision that must be made. There are no absolute right or wrongs, but your intuitive senses will tingle as a definitive answer slips across your lips on the New Moon. It’s your intuition and it knows what it’s talking about.
Take the risk, be serious in your decisions and continue to put your head down the rest of November. The clarity comes at the end of the Month during the Full Moon and partial Lunar eclipse in Taurus when physical reality will mirror back to you your inklings all along. Caution around November 10th as there will be freak outs happening…reality must shift and that’s sometimes a hard pill to swallow.
We’re headed towards a life built on truth, where we don’t have to hide any parts of ourselves, where we no longer need to sacrifice our wants and desires. So, what’s asking for your deeper commitment? Check out the monthly horoscopes below for a little insight!
Big Calendar Dates:
11/04 New Moon in Scorpio 12 degrees
10/05 Venus into Capricorn + Mercury into Scorpio
11/10 Mars square Saturn
11/19 Taurus Lunar Partial Eclipse 27 degrees
11/19 Full Moon in Taurus 27 degrees
11/22 Sun into Sagittarius
Aries: This month predominantly revolves around your personal self-worth and your deep sacred truths. Your money in the physical and your trust in the Universe. You can try to avoid making any decisions but ultimately there needs to be a risk taken, or it will be made for you. You, my friend, are one of the boldest risk takers of the Zodiac, if not the boldest. I think you know where I’m headed with this risk you need to take, thoughts of it are already spawning in your mind, pull the trigger come the New Moon in Scorpio— the way you do that is by letting go and letting God. Your decision is way more a silent pact between you and Source and it involves absolute surrender and trust during a time that feels very unsure. You got this, you are protected, no matter what…be brave spiritual warrior.
Taurus: This is a month that will bring ups and downs for you, it’s guaranteed. The vortex of change is spinning in your sign during a month where there is a lot of gravity pulling on you in your opposite sign Scorpio, as well as your relationship house. Before you go panicking, or this further induces anxiety within your intuitive and enduring vessel, I want to validate your feelings and assure you that they’re a huge part of the process of you becoming the most BA version of yourself. It’s ok to feel out of control, and it’s OK to feel fearful. I’m also here to assure you that, one, this has already been an ongoing evolutionary process for Taurean folk, and two, this is a break through month for you. This is the month where you take back your power. Truths will be revealed and clarity will come for you to make the decisions you need to finally build your foundation on solid ground. Don’t give up, the miracle is JUST beginning.
Permission to ask for support this month, permission to cry your heart and grieve, permission to place boundaries, but most importantly, permission to be SO unapologetically yourself without the weight of others on your shoulders— finally.
Gemini: For a creature that likes to dwell in the intellectual realm, a season like this can really test you, Gemini. The veil between the super natural and the physical is thinner than air and that means your adaptable energy syncs with the subconscious mind, stirring anything and everything that’s kept from plain view. It’s necessary this month to keep in balance and the way this needs to happen is first through the body and mundane reality. It may sound boring but you need a hefty dose of order right now, that means no snoozing on your morning alarm, eating sustainable foods, getting into the body and having an early bedtime. Your mental health is also a focal point as Venus moves into Capricorn and your 8th house of secrets. There is a huge amount of pressure that needs to be released, most likely due to the amount you’ve been struggling alone. Ask for help, speak your truth out loud to a close friend, once you do you’ll realize the lingering heaviness was only your own feelings and not monsters under the bed.
Cancer: Cancer, you love to be cozy, comfortable and at home within your environment, but sometimes this coziness can become a detriment to your ability to experience the things your soul longs to touch in the world. This month will likely induce some discomfort in that comfy little shell of yours, there will be a cost, but there will also be HUGE benefit. This benefit will take form in giving you the inspiration to make your dreams a reality, but the cost will be in trusting the Universe in what it’s delivering you. Look at the momentum in your life around the New Moon in Scorpio on the 4th, likely you’ll be stirred in your romance, love and creativity sector. Be bold Cancer, know that you are deserving of everything you desire but also know that there is going to have to be some honesty about the cravings of your heart. Let your heart be set on fire…
Leo: Let it go, let it ALL go. What you ask? All those feelings you’ve been suppressing inside yourself. You can’t hide any longer Leo, you’re built for expression not suppression. You’re afraid of being seen for the parts of yourself that you’ve swallowed to comfort others…no more! The New Moon on the 4th is begging you to step into your true colors and TRUST your feelings and that gut of yours. You’re deep, you wear your heart on your sleeve, and you’re effected by the world…you’re the example for what it means to be a fully present human being. But we gotta check the parts of your ego that are holding you back from sharing yourself fully with the world. My guess is there is a lesson in pride that needs to be addressed, your strength lies in your vulnerability and ability to break wide open and still carry yourself through the flames.
Virgo: Your ability to distract yourself with the details of external reality and other people’s problems is unmatched. I don’t mean to be so blunt but you need a hefty dose of your own medicine right now…it hurts doesn’t it? You’re ruled by the mind Virgo and sometimes your words and criticizing can cut like a knife. You don’t mean to but sometimes you take your feelings out on yourself and others because of resentments you store inside. You martyr yourself out and people walk all over you. You can get the job done better than anyone, yeah, we all know that, but there is always a sacrifice. Lean into this big month of change by cracking your heart wide open, by being willing to “break.” By considering your feelings and using your words to express vulnerabilities. The reward will be the flow of your life, remaining in the intellectual realm has been restricting ease, and you more than anyone deserve ease. BIG LOVE, Virgo, have some compassion for yourself, speak your truth.
Libra: Libra baby, where is your self-worth at these days? I want to introduce you to a process that I think will serve you this month, it’s called stonewalling. It’s a tactic where you use silence and non-response in the scenarios where you feel you’re being leeched from, the spaces where you feel others are asking way too much. Using this tactic will reveal true colors of the motives of others, their unconscious abuse of your energy, but it will also show where you allow others to take advantage of you. You can’t people please everyone Libra, you also need to consider yourself and increase that price point for said energy. You might feel the urge to burn bridges this month, and you might have to in extreme situations, but use this month to really look at where you play a part in these dynamics. Accountability will bring you the depth you’ve been craving in relationships that are here to serve you.
Scorpio: There is an investment you’ve been thinking about making and it has to do with yourself. YES YOU, Scorpio! You the individual, and the way you show up in the world. Permission to be selfish, but actually, you don’t really have a choice, this is your season! Everyone needs to integrate your archetypal energy, so lead by example but make sure you do it on the stage of your life and don’t you dare think about playing small. You understand that the only way to move forward in this Universe is by constant change and transformation— you basically created the game,. While the rest of the world is trying to control the outcomes in their lives this month, you might need to offer your support, but big rewards are coming for your solidarity to deep truths. Expect movements to begin happening by your personal New Moon on the 4th and then some chaos in the external world. Stay surefooted and you’re bound to gain clarity you’ve needed in where you’re headed next.
Sagittarius: You’re a pretty happy go lucky sign that likes to keep it casual and have a good time, Sag. Also, being a mutable sign, you tend to be good at going with the flow, and leave the serious and intense nature to the sign next to you, Scorpio. But this season brings with it a magnifying glass held straight to your subconscious mind which makes things more complicated. The cosmos are asking you to dive deep, get in touch with feelings that have been swept under the rug and begin to acknowledge this often times neglected part of self. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 4th will bring with it an opportunity to start prioritizing your mental health and internal needs. This is all pushing you towards a life with more meaning, depth and the type of satisfaction you’ve been looking for.
Capricorn:  This month will have a big flash light held to observe the company you keep. Friendships and networking circles, as well as hopes and dreams are under a temporary period of transformation. Expect new beginnings in form of who and what your give your energy to, especially with the insights you’ll be deriving. Reality needs to shift and your part of the Zodiac has the external world getting more complicated as it rearranges. Intuitive action paired with mindful expression is needed, making accountability for self a main objective for November. What can you learn from the feelings stirring inside you that are being induced by experiences outside of you? If reality is a mirror what are your experiences telling you about YOU? The New Moon in Scorpio on the 4th has you feeling bold, rock it, but also remember to temper feelings and break out the tool box when circumstances make you want to pop off.
Aquarius:  There is a ticking time bomb hidden somewhere between your inner world and how you portray yourself in the world at large. It’s a tension that’s been growing between your roots down below and what’s seen above the surface; your feelings and what’s private, and that poker face that’s seen by the public. Something has got to give so the two worlds can function simultaneously like one current of energy— one cannot evolve without the other. If it’s not clear what I’m talking about yet, it will be by the end of the month’s Full Moon in Taurus and partial Lunar eclipse. My suggestion is give yourself time to tend to your inner world and process feelings that you’ve been suppressing. Release the pressure from whatever is making you feel like you’re suffocating that’s been stifling you. A new beginning is trying to help push you towards your higher calling but you must surrender the image you have in your head so the Universe can give you what you want and more.
Pisces: There is a new venture you’re taking on, any ideas, visions or clarity you’ve been receiving lately is guiding you on where to shoot your arrow next. This will present itself seemingly as a risk but it’s a risk worth taking as it’s going to help expand your vision, remove your limiting beliefs and guide you in your life philosophy and on the path of your dreams. Look for the signs or sudden insights around the New Moon in Scorpio on the 4th and expect there it to begin taking shape by the end of the month. The insecurity with any decision you need to make stems from the system of beliefs that needs to be broken down and transformed. You’re supported but you need to release all control, pull the trigger and let the Universe do its job. By the 5th it’s time to start taking accountability within the realm of your hopes and dreams and you’ll have support here too, look to your networks and friendship circles. And aim high, sky’s the limit.
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