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October Monthly Horoscopes: Realities Merge

Written by Britney

Realities Merge:  Forward Momentum & Unfinished Business

“To know where we’re headed, we need to know where we’ve come from.”  This statement serves as a guide post for the energies we’ve been experiencing ever since Mercury began retrograde last month on the 27th.  This reconciliation with the past will continue until the 18th, when Mercury goes direct, along with other big player planets that you can seek specs on in the calendar below.

We’ll be riding in on two major waves throughout October to be aware of, signified by the planetary movement in the sky.  As they roll forward we’ll also experience rapid forward momentum, after months of fighting the currents.  Hard work, slow downs, frustrations, lessons, and finally we find a new flow.  Will that make it easy?  No.  There will be less resistance absolutely, but also realizations and clarity of mind that will impact the course of our future through decisions needing to be made.  

We have to get through this Mercury retrograde for realities to merge, the golden scales are being held to our faces and Mercury has hopes that we recognize where we loose sacred equilibrium in our lives.  On one scale sits the past— past relationships, past life karma, untied ends of old dramas and also resolution to unfinished business.  On the other scale lies our current reality and what’s to come.  I see emotional fulfillment and stability coming into our futures, but not without the clarity this month will give us.

To add to the mix, Venus, the ruler of Libra Season will move into Sagittarius on the 7th, adding some spice to the season.  Don’t be afraid to take on new conquests and explore, especially in regards to love and pleasures of the heart.  The expansion that comes with this energy is sure to make life feel alive again, and offer new beginnings and blessings.

Stay present as we tie up the loose ends of these completion cycles and ride the waves coming in preparing you for a more balanced and harmonic future.

Big Calendar Dates:

10/06 New Moon in Libra

10/06 Pluto Direct in Capricorn 

10/07 Venus enters Sagittarius

10/08 Ceres Retrograde 

10/10 Saturn Direct in Aquarius 

10/12 First Quarter Moon in Capricorn 

10/18 Jupiter Direct in Aquarius

10/18 Mercury Direct in Libra 

10/20 Full Moon in Aries

10/23 Sun enters Scorpio

10/28 Last Quarter Moon

10/30 Mars enters Scorpio

Aries: Aries, you’ve been prepared for this month for a while now, it’s frustrating being the first sign of the Zodiac with your initiative energy, and nothing to take initiative on.  With four planets moving forward this month, you finally have some movement, excitement, and some hustle and flow.  The stimulation kicks off by the 7th when Venus moves into fellow fire sign Sagittarius in your house of adventures and spiritual philosophy.  Major expansion to your consciousness and life trajectory will be taking place for you.  Be the explorer that you are, follow your inspirations and inner compass, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Huge revelations greet you for your personal Full Moon on the 20th, be easy on yourself on the days leading up to it.

Taurus: Opportunities to clear up existing health issues, necessary lifestyle changes, daily routines, work/life balance or just organizing your life in general, are all themes for your monthly horoscope.  The planet Venus, moves into your 8th house and a sense of deep discovery is coming into the horizon for you.  Intimate personal truths need to be explored this month, meaning your desire to keep things light, comfortable and fluffy have to push past the surface.  I’m sensing a lot of feelings and shadows to navigate.  No matter how stabilizing your force is, Taurus, you can’t always be stable, life won’t allow it, which means you need to embrace the chaos in your life.  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, the Universe is pushing towards growth.   

Gemini: Gemini, this is a little tip that waivers outside the other Zodiac sign horoscopes this month.  Ceres, an asteroid that rules nurturance, both giving it and receiving it, artistic output, fertility and abundance, stations retrograde in your sign.  While you will have a huge amount of exciting momentum coming from the planets pushing you forward, especially in regards to relationships, romance and creativity (love this for you!), a new sense of care will need to be established between you and others in your life— and entering it.  The way you begin nurturing this is actually through placing even more focus on the mind and communication, two things you are very good at, but it’s what and when communicate it that are your building blocks.  You’ll have to begin a process of sharing the most intimate parts of yourself with others, sharing the stories that dig at you, while learning to listen to others at the same time. This energy will continue until January 2022 and offers you much self-discovery.

Cancer: Cancer, you are so intuitive and empathic, sometimes to fault because you’ll sacrifice your own comfort and emotional stability for the sake of others.  Putting your own self-care and emotional well-being on the back burner won’t be allowed this month and you’ll be pushed to find that balance.  Where the balance needs to take place in these themes of your life?  Family, home, security and also with any mother figures in your life.  This means putting all of your own individual needs first and foremost— before you seek to make others comfortable you need to make you comfortable.  What needs extra loving in matters of health, work/service-life balance, and daily routines?  If opportunities come up in the line of work that inspire you, take them, as they will lead to expansion in your life.

Leo: We need to balance out that over-active mind you’ve had lately, Leo.  You may be excited to hear this as your heart beckons you back to your body bringing the necessary inspiration, newness and lightness you’ve been needing.  Use the realm of romance, creativity, self expression and adventure to get into the body and release the mind as it will help you when the Full Moon culminates at the end of the month.  There will be movement and energy in your life that you haven’t experienced in a while, and a releasing of pressure you’ll be thankful for, especially in regards to work, health and relationships.  Really aim to balance the mind, body and spirit this month, discipline yourself and don’t take this momentary fiery energy in vain.  You can do it, you’ve done lot of much work this year!

Virgo: In matters of heart, physical health and the service you do in the world, you’ll find the tides turning once again.  You’ve gone through the wringer, but for a purpose— to gain clarity on these areas of life and your future.  This month has you putting a lot of focus on what brings the most value into your life, both in the money department and self-value, and in the face of your relationships.  What do you bring to the table and what do others bring to the table ?  Is there an equal give and receive?  These questions will continue all month and will culminate by the Full Moon in Aries happening on the 20th.  To find more answers to these questions allow yourself to explore new ideas and possibilities in your home life, family and emotional realm.  Nurturing these spaces can give you even more clarity on your next moves.

Libra: I feel the need to be dramatic with you and with that said I will give you a virtual applause for the huge amounts of work you’ve been doing while learning to navigate putting yourself first, Libra!  *insert fierce applause here*  The New Moon in your sign on the 6th will give you even more confirmation of the direction you’re headed in, this means the individual renaissance you’re having continues!  The sense of personal power you’re gaining will feel invigorating, learning to say no to relationships and partnerships that throw off your balance or halt your experience is re-defining your willpower.  There is a sense of clarity in the air and decisive action you’ll be taking that will crescendo at the end of the month into deeper revelations come the 20th Full Moon in Aries.  Yes, this feels expansive but this is a completion phase in your partnerships— weighing out what you desire, what you don’t, and rewiring the stories you’ve told yourself.  

Scorpio: You’ve put in a lot of effort when it comes to discovering where your priorities need to be in order to build the future you want to build.  This has included placing importance on your emotional satisfaction in life, being vulnerable, taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone for the future you.  The end of the month should give you the answers you’ve been looking for in the realm of the service you give, work and health routines, with hopes that you’re beginning the month with this same personal discipline you’ve learned to have the past few months.  This begins around the Libra New Moon happening on the 6th, if any secrets or subconscious undertows pull you into an overly-emotional space and knock you off balance, this is where you build the clarity that you’ll receive on the 20th, Aries Full Moon.  The Full Moon will ask, “is it worth the energy if it’s not in your current physical reality?”  Your season is next up, so don’t fret, remember this too shall pass. 

Sagittarius: A revitalizing energy enters your field beginning October 7th when Venus, the planet of harmony shifts into Sagittarius.  Moods seem to lighten for you, even if there is chaos in your environment.  New Moon in your 11th house of dreams, friends and partnerships offers a fresh start in their regard, though balances need to be shifted and re-prioritized to find order—meaning you making life altering decisions moving forward.  You’ll have a new lightness in your attitude but will still be learning more lessons, Ceres, the asteroid of nurturance, heads into your opposite sign Gemini.  As much as you like to stay in motion and out of the mental realm, it will be vastly important in the months ahead to learn to use your voice and communication.  Not too shabby a month for you, cheers!  Enjoy it!

Capricorn: How have you been stretching yourself thin in matters of work, health and daily routines?  This question will be made clear beginning the first week of the month.  There is an infinite amount of pressure being placed on your legacy and its importance, but the path can’t be paved until you find a balance.  With your hard work ethic, you sometimes stretch yourself thin, your strong Capricorn body can handle it, but your mind won’t be able to in the months ahead.  Really look at your priorities and begin to sort out the scales of balance in your life.  There will be a tremendous amount of forward momentum for you, you’re made for this time, but not if you have no energy to give thereof.  

Aquarius: You’re getting your groove back this month after a lot of learning lessons in the past few months.  You may begin to surprise yourself at the sense of expression and individuality you show this month, you can no longer hide that you’re a human, Aqua, and you know that.  You know everything, that’s your Zodiac statement, so you saw this coming, right?  Your higher mind has been tapped into this for a while now.  When the New Moon in Libra happens on the 6th, paired with Venus’ movement into Sagittarius, you’ll want to venture outside the pressure filled bubble you’ve been in, allow yourself to explore, to expand and envision new possibilities in your life.  A lot is changing, release your grasp and bring your reality to life with your higher knowledge in tow, when has the Universe left you hanging?

Pisces: Learning what your purpose and legacy is involves exploring and allowing yourself to indulge in the adventure of life.  This goes against your comfort zone, you’re moved by internal feeling and navigating the external fires of life can be intimidating.  This is a month of moving in the direction of stimulation and inspiration that will most definitely attract in experiences for you that will make you feel uncomfortable, especially involving your relationship with others and yourself.  Intimacy, desire, sexuality, these are all themes that are stretching you out into more growth and educating in the game of life.  Take risks when you feel called, a “f*&k it mentality” needs to be integrated into your life, to release your grasp on your energetic flow, this will do loads for possible future networking opportunities, if it scares you, do it anyway.

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