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September Monthly Horoscope: Refinement Factory

Written by Britney

As the planets travel through the wheel of the Zodiac this year, month by month, zodiac sign by zodiac sign, we’re learning lessons and integrating the higher octaves of each sign into our inner and external realities.

This year has been and will continue to be about building foundations that are sustainable for our mind, body and spirit connection.  Something we lacked before COVID came to traumatize us all, respectfully, and knock all the flimsy structures in our lives down that were not aligned with our most authentic paths.

Refinement Factory

September will serve as a refinement assembly line, as many different aspects of our lives teeter-totter on the conveyer belt, no parts are exempt from the filtration process.  Unsupportive moms, dads and family members, lack luster jobs, stagnant relationships, bad diets, they’re all up for judgement.  

With the predominance of planets in the signs Virgo and Libra the emphasis is on cleansing, clarifying and creating equilibrium.  This natural process will have the mind on over drive as we try to play the hand of God.  If you find yourself getting caught in the details, stabilize yourself by focusing on the practical matters of life— organizing your material world, mental health, getting into the body and connection to spirit.  

Let the Universe do the sifting for you, its only your job to come to awareness and surrender to the shifting reality.  

All In or All Out Energy

By the 10th, another fraction is added to the assembly belt, Venus will move into passionate and desire driven Scorpio.  As Venus is the planet of attraction, we’ll be manifesting Scorpionic experiences into our lives, driven from the most primal parts of self.  This energy makes the purification take on more intensity and will carry us through the rest of September, alongside a Mercury retrograde shadow period which begins mid-month.  

The sign that this retrograde will take place in is Libra, sign of partnerships and love, placing extra emphasis and revaluation on these area of our lives.  Goody.  The lens we’ll be viewing the world through is not about superficiality, it wants to dive deep.  It wants intimacy, sexuality, dancing in the shadows and sharing it with others who can meet us mutually with their truth.  

It’s all in or all out type of energy, but do we want life any other way at this point?

This transit is a critical part of the process we’ve been speaking on, if what’s in your life doesn’t bring you a sense of passion, if it doesn’t make you feel alive and if it’s not magnetic, then it’s vampiric.  Let your desires light the way and add fuel to the fire of your life, or, let it burn the bridges you gracefully walk away from.  

Aries: Aries, baby, you have a tough job this month, time to refine your relationships, partnerships and the dynamics with your business colleagues.  If you were sat at a table with each person that you have in your life, knowing the full scope of all that you bring to the table, would these people sitting across from you be deserving of your presence?  What you have to give?  Would they have brought something equally to share? Learn to balance the dynamic between self and other through this imaginary scenario, if they don’t pull up, then pull out, Venus moving into Scorpio on the 10th won’t be having it any other way.

Taurus: You’re rockin’ with productivity until the later half of the month.  All the planets in Virgo will help you in this personal revolution vendetta you’re having.  Getting in touch with your— ahem!  EMO-TIONS?  The more vulnerable you can get, the better, especially around the 10th when Venus, the planet of love, moves into your opposite sign, Scorpio.  It’ll get real around here, 100% all in on the refinement factory when it comes to your partnerships.  Also, do you feel stagnant in your work environment?  Mercury retrograde wants to know why starting the 26th.  It’s time to get a little introspective. 

Gemini: The air energy in the beginning half of the month has you feeling extra communicative, and thats good, the more you get your thoughts outside that busy mind of yours the better.  Say it with me, “CLARITY,” something you’ll be looking for this month earnestly.  You should be mindful at getting serious about your self-less service, or service to self, on the 10th.  Setting up a new regimen and creating good habits will help keep you healthy, in balance and aligned with yourself.  The end of the month Mercury retrograde in the 5th house of romantic relationships and creativity will have you second guessing flings of the past, don’t do it unless they add value to your life, focus on what brings you JOY.

Cancer: Cancer, lovely, you’re one of the signs with a shell, you don’t honestly believe that doesn’t serve to protect a soft and squishy interior, do you?  Yeah– we have MORE inner work to do this month, especially when Mercury goes retrograde in the 4th house of feelings, home, family and emotional self-care on the 26th.  Practice being vulnerable with your family, the maternal figures in your life, or if those don’t feel safe, then do it with those closest to you (I would challenge you with the family part though).  Your feelings don’t have to be so serious all the time, give them away like gifts.  If you practice this in the most sensitive areas it’s going to give you a head start on a glorious and liberating month for you, and what brings you joy, and who.  Be real, who are you blocking out of your shell because of resentments?  Time for forgiveness child, if you resent them, you resent you too.

Leo: A missing link in the year is going to be presented to you starting September 10th, when Venus, the planet of love and worth, creeps into the sign of no BS, Scorpio.  This will be taking place in your 4th house of feelings, home, family and emotional self-care, things can get a little tense and revealing in these categories.  The feelings that come to a head this month are surfacing because they need to be acknowledged.  A good monthly mantra for you and the duration of Mercury retrograde beginning the 26th: “when I feel like pointing fingers, I look in the mirror first.”  This level of depth you’ll be swimming in this month sounds daunting but can contribute to deep levels of intimacy with the right person— or yourself.  I sense you embracing your deeper truths, and I sense liberation from needing validation externally.  Cheers!

Virgo: HBD, Virgo! Limelight is on you and self-improvement for all, so lets talk about your dollars and your sense of self-worth.  Are you getting paid out in either money or honey in your partnerships?  If not, it’s time to take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why?  I would place bets that there are parts of yourself you give out like candy because you don’t believe in their value.  Time? Energy? Focus?  Why do you let people come into your life that can’t meet the price tag?  This will be an on going theme for you in September.  Now, what about these darker spots of your mind that no one dares to go? Yes, your mental health, the deepest of your feels…the ones you block out.  You’re so good at getting to the needle in the haystack with everyone else, what about yourself?  Dive in consciously beginning the 10th, talk to those closest to you, don’t be a hermit.

Libra: Darling Libra, you’ve been getting a head start on your season with all the planets that have been buzzing through your sign.  This month we are getting serious about our sense of money and self-worth, as they go hand in hand.  Venus, your ruling planet, representing all things lovely, including partnerships, love, divine balance, beauty and dollars, will move into Scorpio on the 10th.  It’s time to steer away from poverty mindset and begin to see the world through an abundant lens.  Your mantra for the month is “I am abundant and there is more than enough to go around.”  Come the 26th, it’s time to really start cracking down on that sense of self.  Mercury will go retrograde in your sign, giving you tons of time to reinvent and step into Libra, THE INDIVIDUAL.  What’s stopping you?  My guess is your balance between self and others is a little off?

Scorpio: Ouuu, babe, the end of this month might get a bit rocky, but you’re a water sign, you like the water, right?  Preparation is the best thing we can do this month, Scorpio, because if we know the rain is coming, we can at least bring an umbrella.  You of all signs knows that deep feelings are a part of life, that they serve a purpose and their own form of beauty.  You are the master of turning the dark into light and that’s exactly what you’ll be asked to do this month, be the master.  You’ll be the example as Venus moves into your sign on the 10th, when everyone is pussy-footing around their deep, dark truths, you’ll be reveling in yours.  Until mid-month when Mercury starts it’s retrograde cycle in your 12th house, home of your subconscious mind and past lives.  Old beaus, past life relationships, new partnerships that have karmic entanglements to them, relationships dynamics that need to come to a head with those in your life.  There might be endings, but being the sign of death and rebirth, you know that every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. 

Sagittarius: So, you want the dream?  The dream relationships, the dream life, the dream money and the dream excursions?  Then we’re going to have to start looking at how you can show up in your relationships and friendships better.  You’re a runner and you chase light and buoyant energies, but when it comes to your partnerships, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies.  You have to get tender, hold space for yourself and others to share vulnerabilities.  This might not be the funnest month for you, but once you learn to confront all the spaces of life head on without running, it’s going to give you a new sense of freedom.  Venus goes into your 12th house on the 10th, it’s time to show up for the neglected feelings that lie dormant in your subconscious mind.  It’s time to share them with those closest to you, and foster real connection, there is no jet-setting away from it this month, Sag, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Capricorn: You keep your circle small, Cap, so that means when you do give the entirety of yourself, you give it all, it’s rare, it’s valuable, and it’s consuming.  Most likely those is this circle are helping you build your way to the tip-top of the next peak you’re hiking towards.  This month there will be a re-evaluation of who is coming with you, and while it seems you’re already in a constant state of evaluating, it gets more serious this month.  Venus heads into Scorpio, in your 11th house of friendship, networking and your ideals— THE DREAM, baby!  You’re hardly superficial and those you let into that cute little circle of yours need not be either.  There is nothing wrong with keeping things light, but a deep form of trust needs to be involved for you, or is it even worth it?  That means intimacy.  Don’t settle for less than what you desire in these spaces of your life, Cap.  You’re worth way more than that.

Aquarius: Aquarius, my friend, you’re about to create a whole new belief system around the relationships in your life and its going to begin with you meticulously opening up to those you feel most safe with.  We can do this slow but let’s be real, the planets are pulling on you hard.  There is a difference between baby steps and snail speed and right now you might as well strap a shell to your back.  Remember, you’re the revolutionary!  In order for you to lead Utopia on earth you’re going to need people, and people also need you!  If it seems like there has been a standstill in your life it’s because the Universe is waiting on you to make the first move, time to open up to those closest to you, time to get intimate, time to share your secrets and be vulnerable, you’ll be surprised at how much this opens up a new ventures and transforms your legacy all together.  Also, make sure these people you’re opening up to will also be there to catch you when you need it.  Be discerning.

Pisces: Wooo, we’re searching for depth in relationships, aren’t we, Pisces?  We’re gettin’ serious and black or white in this process weeding out the real from the fake.  In this process, you’ll be adventuring a little bit, testing out the waters, and going on new pilgrimages to find your truth, deep diving into the intimate waters yourself and sharing with others.  Yeah, it’s scary, yeah, it’s vulnerable, but you live for this s%^t.  This is all being stirred by the fact that your life needs a healthy balance— it might be a little off right now, and that’s ok!  We’re headed down the right road if we remember to only wear our hearts on our sleeve when in the space of someone who will have theirs out too.  You got a big heart, but we need boundaries, Pisces…just a little.  

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