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Gong Training

A two-day transformative course in which you will learn how to play the Gong, hold an energetic space and channel a powerful series of harmonic vibrations. Whether you are a beginner, yoga teacher or sound healer, this training is a wonderful opportunity to explore in-depth theory and practice, from mallet techniques to intuitive methods.

Gong Immersion

Lie down, relax and let go. Allow your body to be immersed and bathed in the sacred sound vibrations of the Gong. Gift yourself this time to assimilate the healing powers of sound energy. Realign your charkas and be rejuvenated.

Moon Time

During Moon Time gathering’s we holds space for our community to come together under the energy of the new Moon of each month. Disconnect from the material and technology world and drop into the divine connection of nature and spirit in celebration of the sacredness of the Moon like the ancients before us did. Our…


Link your sacred breath to movement, while mindfully building heat in your body.  This class will give sweat, peace, and rest.  Yogīs/Yoginīs of all levels are encouraged to practice with us.


Rinse your body of toxins through mindfully held postures. Breathwork and stillness are the goals of our ritual, physical practice.  In our Hatha classes we welcome and encourage  practitioners of all levels.    


Yin yoga comes from the Taoist tradition and was designed to increase flexibility to find your full range of motion. This meditative practice releases tension and facilitates the healthy flow of energy through your body. Poses are done mostly while seated or lying down, supported by yoga props, and held for 3-5 minutes at a time….


The technologies of Kundalini yoga go hand in hand with astrology and sound healing. Each class will offer a unique feature ranging from planetary kriyas to exploring the ancient realm of Naad, as well as a combination of meditative, physical and breathing exercises designed to awaken the life force within you. This practice will help you…


By attending a community yoga class at ASTRO.GONG.YOGA you are not only supporting fresh talent but also helping our chosen non-profits. All profits from ASTRO.GONG.YOGA community yoga classes are donated to the Downtown Women’s Center and Native Americans in Philanthropy.