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Sexual Alchemy: Release, Restore & Restore

Written by Emily

Embark on a transformative exploration of human sexuality guided by Elizabeth Hudson, drawing inspiration from her podcast “Sexual Alchemy” and building upon her expertise in Kundalini yoga, meditation, and life coaching. Rooted in the belief in the inherent sacredness of human sexuality as a divine expression of creation, this three-part series delves into the art of alchemizing sexual energy for profound personal growth.

Workshop Benefits:

Unlock the secrets of Sexual Alchemy through a blend of ancient wisdom and modern practices. In each workshop, we harness the power of Kundalini yoga, guiding the Kundalini energy up the spine, intertwining the sacred energies of the Ida (feminine) and Pingala (masculine) up the Sushumna (spinal cord). Elevate your vibration to states of heightened consciousness and experience the profound connection between spirituality and sexuality.

Part 1: January 21 – Release and Let Go: Address trauma, shame, past relationship attachments, and grief hindering your sexual expression. Heal from past wounds, toxic relationships, and stored sexual shame, fostering a foundation for the journey ahead.

Part 2: February 18 – Restoration: Align with a healed version of your sexual self after releasing what no longer serves you. Rebuild your essential sexual self and cultivate a deep sense of self-love, laying the groundwork for a renewed and empowered you.

Part 3: March 17 – Rejoice in Liberation:  Experience the joy of living free from sexual trauma and shame. Celebrate the dance with the divine and embrace your sexuality as a sacred space for collaboration with divine energy. Affirm this newfound relationship with your sexuality through dance, affirmations, and a celebration of erotic abundance.

Why Attend All Three Workshops?

While each workshop is effective on its own, attending all three offers a comprehensive journey. Unleash your creative energy by letting go of blocks in the sacral chakra, align with a healed sexual self, and rejoice in the liberation of your divine creative force. Join us for a sacred celebration and a profound exploration of your sexuality in alignment with the divine. Are you ready to dance with divinity?

Each workshop is individually priced at $40.00 or you can sign up for all three workshops and save 10% at $108.00. Spaces are limited so we encourage you to book on-line now or call the studio on (323) 433-7108.

The workshops are open to all sexual identifications and relationship statuses. Please bring a journal and pen.