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Astro Weather: Transitioning into the Aquarian Age Putting the YOU in H.YOU.MANITY.

Written by Britney

We are currently transitioning into the Age of Aquarius, the age advocating for Humanity, the age of equality, innovation, eco-consciousness, the fall of fame and the rise the individual’s purpose and causes created that will change our world, causes that will bring us closer together, not more division.  So why does the world feel like it’s all falling apart instead of progressing?  We’ve been through the gauntlet this year, haven’t we?  Is it still 2020?  It feels like it’s been centuries, if you haven’t begged the question to Source, “WHEN WILL IT ALL END,” then you’re probably not human— and that is precisely the point.  What the sky-gods are trying to teach us is that we have denied what it means to be an embodied human here on Earth, so we’ve had to have some demo. 

All of the planets in Capricorn have put their thang down flipped it and reversed it, timelines have had to collapse, as well as foundations in society.  Power had to start being taken back by the people so the elite can eventually fall and so as individuals of a collective we can we can finally start to walk in our higher purpose for the greater benefit.  This wasn’t going to happen with the old, outdated model, we’ve placed ourselves in boxes on almost every level, and Aquarius can’t stand that.  Instagram promotes smiles but not the frowns, adhering to being “politically correct” has almost silenced us completely, technology and the over use of the mind has almost replaced our physical human connection, and we are choosing to deny our flesh so much that “burn out” and “mental disorder” have become part of the new norm.  

Knowing that we’ve been where we’ve been and we are where we are isn’t supposed to make us feel shame, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” of course, but if we continued moving the way we’ve been moving, if we continued to deny what it means to be a human, this might actually turn into a living hell.  The dawning of the Aquarian age can turn into our own personal power Utopias or the beginning of the annalistic apocalypse, and we are closer to the prize than it would seem.  Big Daddy Saturn and the Reaper Pluto transition back into Aquarius at the end of December which mean we can no longer afford to pretend that our bodies aren’t beckoning us, we can no longer ignore the cry of Mother Earth and while this abolishment of the old world may seem condemning, it is the ultimate opportunity to take responsibility for the new world that we wish to create.

So as we transition, the cosmos ask us “what does it mean to be a part of the human race to you?  Is there only striving for constant happiness and no room for pain?  Does it mean that times won’t be trying?  When the earth decides to get chaotic what have you neglected to build in your life that would help you turn inward?  Family?  Connection?  Allowing yourself to experience the hard feelings as well as the easier ones?  Where in your life have you chosen to exile what makes you an individual human being and where can you put the YOU back in H-YOU-MANITY?

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